let it snow...

Love these hand cut snowflakes. Amazing. A happy, happy and merry, merry to all of you.


Crazy here. How about there?

This is a busy time of year-family, friends work-hope all of you are festive and well. Be back more soon! This image is yummy. LOVE these flowers.


thank you.

A big thank you to Martha Stewart for inviting me back on her show. Always a blast. As well as the Today Show for featuring my products yesterday. And to all of you who saw and wrote me. Very fun. And I so appreciate the support.



Fun idea for those loose ornaments running around the house. Captured lovely.



Nice for a Holiday table, no? Love white this time of year.



I have always loved these bookshelves and sort of want to pinch the person who had the time to make it happen. Speaking of color....or not....have you started decorating for THE SEASON????


feeling exposed

LOVE exposed brick. You?
(image via A. Ahern)


light me up.

Crazy busy with family and work. Every time the season comes around, the first sign of lights make me take a deep breath and enjoy. What's your favorite part?


very worldly.

How cool is this?
(image via Marci Long)



Such a delicious thought for a dreary Monday!
(image via Bippity)



Since many of you have asked, this is the color of my walls. Downpipe, farrow and ball, and no, that is not moi.



Nabbed this from Liza because it is awesome.


Want. Badly.

Can one of you paint something like this for over my fireplace? Please. It would be perfect. Let me know.
(Found over at Nelya's)


no good reason...

...just lovely. Hope your weekend is as well.
xoxoxoxox g.
(image via Anica)


.lora love

In love with Lora's work. Check it out here.


i am learning.

I am. I know I have said it for a year, but I am.....eventually, because it is so dear and cool.



You can keep the fainting coach. I am fainting over the WALLS!



Loved the look of this room, but upon closer inspection see that the white chairs, I think, are wicker. White wicker and green velvet? What do you think?

Do tell.


have a sparkly halloween.

Be safe. Eat lots. Send unwanted tootsie rolls here, please.


pink petal pusher.

Such a sucker for pink. This is dreamy.
(snipped from Home blog)


thanks travel and leisure!

I have to thank the folks at Travel and Leisure for the lovely online write up. Dewdrop will also be in the December issue. Love this cover....and magazine, of course!


color fear?

Love this image. And the quote seems true enough. I love color, and yet, at times, feel like I only use it in safe doses in my home. Lame. I was very brave(for me) and painted an entire room and entry hall in downpipe, a black/blue color. It is dramatic and warm at the same time. Have you painted a color you adore lately? If so, share, girl!

(image via Mary Ruffle)


does your open shelving look like this?

If so, please come over. We will have soup on this cold, rainy Wednesday, you will fix my shelves, and then we will go see Never Let Me Go. Sound good? Can your husband pick up my kids? If so, we will then sneak into Waiting for Superman. Really want to see both of these.

(image via Jason)





I'm a bit ruffled...

Loving this shirt by Marc Jacobs. Loving a lot of clothes this Fall. What are your favorites?



So, I am an avid reader. Fair statement. Always have two or three books going. The thought of a kindle never sounded appealing, although the weight fees on airlines make me have to be quite choosy these days. Annoying. Anyhow, long story, MAC user since I was 18, coveted the ipad from a year before it came out, but to be honest, could not justify a use for it. At that price. Well, enter my papa who heard this news and surprised me with one. Amazing. I cannot pry it away from my husband, it is cool at a level even I could not have imagined, but here is the kicker. I LOVE reading on it. I know. I even wrote that in a whisper. Can't believe it. It will never replace a conventional book for me, ever, but I have to say it really is nice and I can find a place for it as well. All of you skeptics(like I was) of electronic books, have you tried it? Just curious.

Is there room for both? Do tell.....



So this is the new thing? The new must have color treatment? I am finally oh-so trendy as this is what my hair looks like when I delay going to the salon too long and my mom says I look all washed out. Not a compliment. Promise.

What do you think? And don't get all intoxicated with the faces because they DO NOT come with average hair.


aaahhhhh...this is the color

Love the image, love the color...love it.

Fall picks...

Loving these colors for Fall. What swatches are on your list?


24 hours

Yesterday if you had said red skinny jeans I would have said I doubt it. Today after seeing this, not so much. Oh, the difference a day makes.

(image via zara)



(image via Griege)


pretty in pink

Really busy with work, back verrrrrrrry soon, but in the meantime, I seem to be baking more cakes than I have ever made n my life. It seems to make my teenagers five again(oh,how I wish), so as long as they will help, giggle and be happy, I will be baking. I will also weigh 467 pounds, BUT, my sweet cakes are never this pretty. What is your favorite cake/cupcake recipe?

Do tell.....


coming soon...

Hard to believe it, but Halloween is around the corner. Mine are too old to trick or treat(lump in my throat just saying it), but we go all out trying to scare the hell out of all of those who do. Not sure they are as into it anymore(another gulp), but I am looking for some white pumpkins this weekend to get started.

I hope your weekend is scary good!



I think this image is amazing. I am so drawn to b/w. The patterns on the skirt are so vivid without any color.

(image mercuro)


are you square?

I think I am. Can't hide it. I am really diggin square heels for Fall.

(image via louis vuitton)



What do you think?
(image vis Knack)



I want to learn how to embroider, my new thing. Love looks like this. I heard it is pretty easy for simple stitches. Do any of you embroider? Any tips?



All of it. Even the cracked mirror.
(via A Perfect Gray(I think!)


one can dream...

When you are coveting a four-year-olds outfit and style, you know something's got to give.


just because...

I like the colors. And the bottom looks like my Gram's lampshade. Two good reasons to post.


let's take a ride...

Wish I was zipping through the streets of Florence on this. Too cool. But instead I am going to stay here and go to a volleyball game....or five, this weekend.

You? Whatever it is, have a ball! xoxoxox g.


do tell...

The color of my walls. Do you think all of the b/w photos I frame should be the same color frame? If so, what color? Or, what about no frame at all-all glass.

Do tell.....


My eyelids are sweating.

Dear Summer,

The gig is up. I want this jacket. Give it a rest.




.and I will look this cool when I say it.

Quite some time ago, I wrote a post about the interesting word verification system. I was new to blogging and found many computer generated words amusing. And while the novelty quickly wore off and became more of an annoyance, there are still a few instances that seem spot on for the day I am having. Like today.

Living with too many teenagers can be described with many adjectives, and amusing would be one. But the one that best describes a Summer with them is annoying. Not them being annoying, you see, but them being with US, the parents. I am one of the most annoying human beings on earth. Saying good morning to them can bring such an angry glare it is hard to describe. You can only imagine what "How was the movie?" might warrant. Those of you that have some, or even one, know what I mean. Now, to be fair, just as quickly as the "you are a moron glare" comes, is how fast a random hug, smile, or an actual compliment may come your way from these moody beasts. DO NOT BE FOOLED! It is a trap. As soon as you smile in return, you've set up a shark-near-blood scenario and you will pay. You think you will eventually learn this, but you do not. I do not have an answer as to why.

So back to the word verif. My youngest has decided that the overly used "probs" is her new favorite word. It is hard to relate because they sound, well, like idiots. Want some cereal, sweet? Probs? Are you going to shower later? Probs? Are you going to force this word forever? Probs. She told the pediatrician that her migraines are "probs" worse during volleyball practice. He looked very confused( he is about 89) and I am told later I smirked, which was a no-no ( annoying and not cool), but my defense was she sounded like a dork. She said that advice coming from someone who used the word dork was quite a stretch. Maybe.
But I may have found a new word thanks to the word verif system and it is being debuted here. You see. Blogging is NEVER a waste of one's time

Indif. When this was my word verif today on Liza's blog it practically jumped off the page. What do you think? I am going to use it this morning as soon as one of them asks me which bathing suit they should wear to the pool, only to look at me with disgust when I somehow pick the wrong one. Instead of choosing, I am gong to say, "I'm indif. They are both great." I know the response will be the stare, but I don't care because while I will be "so annoying", more importantly, I will be amused. As my 14 year old probs doesn't know the word indifference, she will be stumped, but act cool, giving me a quiet sense of satisfaction, which is what I go for these days. It is a big part of the puzzle in keeping my sanity. Staying amused, and quietly letting them know I still know a thing or two more than they do. These are tough times(screw the economy, live with four teens for a week and then talk to me about depression), but they too shall pass. Every so often when stumped, they look a little child like and I can see them again, and it is a quiet sense of relief. They are still in there. Though it is impossible to believe, I will one day ache for this stage like I do for the rest of the stages that have gone by so quickly. Well, this stage may be a stretch, but you get the point. And even though they seem like another life form, we are not really all that different. I mean, let's be honest. "Probs" probably came from a mom who was too exhausted from the mental warfare to finish the word.

We'll see how it goes. But in my mind, I will look like this when I am saying it.



.some more book love.

Amazingly cool piece of wall art. Can you imagine the effort this puppy took? I can't finish knitting a scarf I started a year ago. Also cool is my guest post today, I must have books on the brain again, over at Ally's. Come see me there.


If you want to know what I think...

...it is yes, yes, yes. I have always fantasized of having a home built around a courtyard where all of the interior rooms open to the courtyard. I stayed in a hotel in Aix many years ago and it had such life because it was designed that way. This is a bit different, as the pool is in the center, but I think it is gorgeous all the same.....and could make do.

(image Atlanta Home)


sunday mornings at someone else's house.

If I served you something this yummy, you would be at my house this Sunday morning, huh?
(found here)


have a sparkly weekend.

What's up for your weekend?


.can't decide

Is it the new bedding from West Elm that I am enjoying? Or the thought of living in this room? The power of good advertising. Either way, West Elm has some great new stock for Fall.



LOVE this black wall as a backdrop from this yummy white space. Elegant, eye catching and serene at the same time. What do you think?

(image via perfect pitch)