A Good Mix

I love to mix materials when designing a product, or anything for that matter. Burlap and cashmere, leather and gold, metal and paper.  I  find  this juxtaposition is also what makes most room design one's own. The unexpected.


Wow.  I can't believe I am  here.  And actually, I may not be.

I read my first blog three months ago and was hooked in less than five minutes. Venturing from blog to blog, I started salivating and became lightheaded. Design, decor, style, travel, books, photography.  Could this be heaven? Could there really be this many people who like what I like and do what I do? Could it really be two in the afternoon? I sat down at nine this morning.  My kids get out of school in five minutes and I am still in my pajamas.  Where did the day go? Could this become a problem? I didn't care.  As I rushed to school in my pj's, I pondered all of the time I'd spent having boring conversations with people who thought Domino was a singular tile in the popular Cuban recreational game. Time spent working, planning, buying food, when I could have been reading about real fairies in Marrakesh, discussing whether chalkboard paint is lame, or why fake bunnies have wardrobes seldom seen on the Real Housewives of New York. Well, those days are over. Not only have I found my people, but zillions of spare minutes I never had for anything else!

Blogging is daily, ok, HOURLY eye candy.  It is a virtual feast.  I may have been satisfied just observing blogland forever, but eventually it became tempting to participate.  And so I did.  Slowly.  I dabbled in small ways-like pilfering my products to bloggers with excellent taste and clout. In doing so, I met interesting and talented people from near and far. I now discuss their daily happenings with my husband as if I ran into them in the cereal isle. I listened as they encouraged me to blog as well.  I sat on it.  I got excited.  And then I sat some more.

After much procrastination and little introspection, I jumped in.  Today.  Problem is my first blogging lesson is I should have taken a blogging lesson.  I tried to post this earlier and half the type was English, the other half, I believe, Japanese. Unless you are bilingual, well, it was a poor start. Another attempt had my image only....and while it was cool, it might have thrown you for a loop by itself.  YOU, as in John, the only person possibly reading this post. So I have no confidence that this is ever making it online, but if it does, and someone is reading it sometime, cool.  If not, I hope it means you are looking.....and enjoying some of your found minutes here.