.style or vile?

It has been a while, I know, but let's do it, shall we?

What do you think of people taking the covers that come on purchased books off and recovering them in kraft paper so they do not act as a distraction, I guess, to each other, or the room where they live?

I may have to my re-cover my first daughter. She is blond, the other five of us brunette. She does not match the dining room.


.a little help, please?

Ok. So I have a narrow hallway(50 inches) with a boring wall between doors(115 inches). Bad builder brain fart as it has two doorways, odd space. I want something there but not sure what. I have some ideas. Do you? I am not robbing the bank for THIS project, but something interesting would be great. I have some images that are possible ideas, but a bit perplexed. Do I do a shelf, a console, nothing....just art?

Start talking.

Update- After a ridiculously simple suggestion from the brilliant Raina, here is a bad blackberry image. Duh. Bottles there because I did not think to move them. Sorry.


.i like this

...because it would give me room on my night table, yet my books would be right by my brain. I might hurt myself though, is the concern, in the middle of the night. Oh well, the price of.....delight.

Have a great weekend!


.house rules

I feel certain all of my girls would look amazing in any of these items for Spring.
I feel even more certain that mom would activate the iwasheditsoicanborrowit rule.
Fair enough?

oh, yes....

Spring is making it's arrival quite a pleasure.



Something really modern and calming about this room, yet I love the warmth of the exposed wood and amazing fixture. Love the mix.



.just a few more days

Spring is just a few away. This feels very Spring like to me. You? What colors are on your mind after a cold winter?



Ok, before many of you barf, let me explain. I make books for a living. And one of the reasons I make books is I like to keep tidbits from life that make sense only to me, and I want other people to have books that last a lifetime to do the same. A collection of moments. I love that thought. It would be poetic to tell you all that I have volumes of the leather bound books I produce and that they chronicle my life, but it would also be a big hairy lie. I do not make the time. I am hoping that I will. Because when I do make time, I love to tell myself my story again and every time I look at a finished page I sigh.
So, hey, if these are scraps from life and people call them scrapbooks....ok. They make me smile every time I turn the page.



These rooms make me happy. Don't know about you, but I could do with these at home. Easy on the eyes and warm. Just what I need on a b.s. rainy, we faked you out that it was almost Spring yesterday, day.



I want this dress. The body would work, too.


This craftsmanship is just amazing to me. Oscar de la Renta.


.ready for some blooms, baby.

It was almost 70 in Charlotte today. Bring it on. Old man Winter needs to croak. I am serious.


.flea friday

One of my favorite things to do is flea. Anywhere, any day, I am always up for the hunt. I love to explore. Today is supposed to be a sunny, somewhat warm day, and I am off for that item that says come on over. Hope you have a great one!



Love the dress. Did it come with this table? Is that why they are out in a field alone together? Have they eloped? Not sure. Styling, you have, as you do often, lost me. But I will take the dress.