have a sparkly halloween.

Be safe. Eat lots. Send unwanted tootsie rolls here, please.


pink petal pusher.

Such a sucker for pink. This is dreamy.
(snipped from Home blog)


thanks travel and leisure!

I have to thank the folks at Travel and Leisure for the lovely online write up. Dewdrop will also be in the December issue. Love this cover....and magazine, of course!


color fear?

Love this image. And the quote seems true enough. I love color, and yet, at times, feel like I only use it in safe doses in my home. Lame. I was very brave(for me) and painted an entire room and entry hall in downpipe, a black/blue color. It is dramatic and warm at the same time. Have you painted a color you adore lately? If so, share, girl!

(image via Mary Ruffle)


does your open shelving look like this?

If so, please come over. We will have soup on this cold, rainy Wednesday, you will fix my shelves, and then we will go see Never Let Me Go. Sound good? Can your husband pick up my kids? If so, we will then sneak into Waiting for Superman. Really want to see both of these.

(image via Jason)





I'm a bit ruffled...

Loving this shirt by Marc Jacobs. Loving a lot of clothes this Fall. What are your favorites?



So, I am an avid reader. Fair statement. Always have two or three books going. The thought of a kindle never sounded appealing, although the weight fees on airlines make me have to be quite choosy these days. Annoying. Anyhow, long story, MAC user since I was 18, coveted the ipad from a year before it came out, but to be honest, could not justify a use for it. At that price. Well, enter my papa who heard this news and surprised me with one. Amazing. I cannot pry it away from my husband, it is cool at a level even I could not have imagined, but here is the kicker. I LOVE reading on it. I know. I even wrote that in a whisper. Can't believe it. It will never replace a conventional book for me, ever, but I have to say it really is nice and I can find a place for it as well. All of you skeptics(like I was) of electronic books, have you tried it? Just curious.

Is there room for both? Do tell.....



So this is the new thing? The new must have color treatment? I am finally oh-so trendy as this is what my hair looks like when I delay going to the salon too long and my mom says I look all washed out. Not a compliment. Promise.

What do you think? And don't get all intoxicated with the faces because they DO NOT come with average hair.