.hitting the road

Road trip! On my way to HotLanta tomorrow a.m. to hang with these spiffy gals. Cannot wait. I feel wet my drawers laughter coming soon.

Hope your weekend holds the same.


.likey or no

Thoughts, please.....
(image vis NYT)


.do as I say

Add some peonies and a swanky fixture and every room can be a keeper. I love this space, and yet, I cannot say exactly why. I love the small add-ons that make for large style, like the simplicity, something...




Love the quiet of this space, yet the burst of color. I want that art. Actually the entire room will do.


. earth day

Corner View is celebrating Earth day. Hope everyone does. Check out these others


.sexy floors

Did you ever think you would call floors sexy? Loving these. Love the entire room.
(image via Abigail Ahern)


.what's in yours

This is exactly how it is for me. If I had room, I think there would be life evolving from my bag. I am awful about changing it, put everything I might anticipate wanting, not needing, in it, then never want to carry it inside a store and end up holding my keys and phone while it sits in the trunk and my debit card is in my jeans. Can never find a pen in there, and yet there are probably forty. Lots of lip gloss and pennies. Unraveling tampons. Books. Too many. Heavy. Loving the third image of the bottega bag. The price is close to one year of tuition at Carolina, but maybe if I grab all the penies from the bottom of mine.......

What's in yours? Do you change it with your shoe color? My sister does. She is appalled that I don't change mine daily to match shoe choices and moods. She just had her first baby this past weekend. Let's check back with her in a few months, shall we?

Do tell.


,corner view one year anniversary

My camera has been on the blink, and I have not participated as much as I would like, but I want to shout out to Jane at Spain Daily for her creation of Corner View. I will let you read about it here. It is an amazing idea. The best part for me has been Jane, who I have found to be a sister from another mister, getting to know her from afar through lengthy discussions and seeing life through her eyes in her wonderful photography. Thank you, Jane. High hopes of seeing you this Summer. Wish it were in Spain, but that is another story......

The theme this week is your favorite corner view theme this past year. Mine was what you see when you are looking in your backyard. I was in the Abaco Islands! A bit sneaky, I know.....

Enjoy all Corner Views. It really is quite cool.



Not usually a huge succulent fan. Not sure why. Recently in Santa Fe and saw a few cool ones, maybe that is why I was attracted to these.

I want em.
(image via Oh Joy)


.my library

..well, one of the ones in my dreams, anyway. And minus the exit sign.


.just right

I have always liked this idea for books and think I'm going to do it. I love making every spot in my house functional...if possible. Do you like this idea?


surprise me

These chairs electrify. What do you do to add a splash to a needy space?
(image via the electrifying Raina)