Turn sideways, please.

I have a thing for silhouettes. The talent it takes to create most is mind boggling to me, and the sentiment behind them is so beautiful. Have you ever seen one cut by someone who really knows what they are doing? It is almost eerie how quickly they can capture the person standing right next to you. How they can use a cut in a profile that shows they saw this person so well. I collect lockets and have one with a silhouette behind glass. It is gorgeous. Makes me wonder how it ever got out of that family.

What do you covet from afar?
(image 1 and 3 via Abigail Ahern)



ok...if you insist. This can be one of my hallways.


I confess...

I confess. I did not see Sex and the City 2. I absorbed the series into my blood, ran out to see the first one which was.....pretty good. Maybe I was so starved from reruns that I would have loved anything. But I have to tell you, I did not hear one, not ONE person say anything less than they hated numero 2. That and every scathing review has kept me away. And I am fine with it.

But.......oh my Lord, this skirt. It makes me quiver. Let's forget for a moment, shall we, that she looks like she is in a flea market. I do not care. Any day of the week. Send it on over....

.For you patient types....

When my girls were younger they would have been all over this.


.Summer all year long..

This room would make me feel like Summer all year. That rug is going to haunt me. Can't take it.
(image via Gregge)


.come hither.....

Looks good, no?! Care to join me?
(Image via vitrathaus)


oh, yes....

Loving this shot of a Darryl Carter space. So delicious.



Off for a week of beach, fun and family. Hope you have a great one.
See you soon. xoxoxoxox

Put your bikes elsewhere...

If you happen to have an old, abandoned garage lying around on a piece of water, this would be a great rehab. I will help you.
(via Marie Claire Maison)


le sigh....

These doors make me sigh and long for my villa in France.....which is only owned in my head....I would take them in NC as well.

(image Gilles Giordano)



Happy Monday!

Love these colors together.


,go play

A gorgeous, playful image for your weekend. These colors and the clarity are amazing. Have a great one!
(via simply seductive)


.am I blue?

...not that I know of. But it seems almost every image I save has blue involved. Love it in almost any shade.

What color are you always drawn to? DO tell........


.corner view

The theme is the view from where you are sitting.
Mine is the Sun coming up after a zillion hours of rain.

More here...



What do you think of this?
(image via Marie Claire Maison)