.pretty in pink

Something about pink flowers, no matter the season, that says Shazam! What are your favorites?


.fall colors

I am getting taken in by all of the colors of Fall. Usually your expected rust and brown, this year the fashion world is running over into some other delicious hues as well.

What are your favorite colors to dress up in for Fall? And to dress your house in as well?
(images J. Crew and 100 Layer Cake)


.friday floataway

Loving this garden room. You? Any special weekend plans? Hope it is great!
(image flickr)


.corner view

Some images from the car window. I could not resist the second one, though I imagine the others may smell sweeter, he LOOKS the sweetest to me!

For more corner view, look here. Enjoy!


.design question number four

Where do you like to put your curtain hardware? The window frame or the wall?

Do tell.
(image via Style Redux)


.happy weekend...and books

I will be spending the weekend unpacking, possibly the rest of my life, it seems....but there is some pleasure as I get to really organize my zillions of books. We have some wonderful bookcases all over our home and I am in heaven. Thought I would share some other books I have seen elsewhere.

Have a great one!



I love the colors in this collage, which I imagine is why I saved it! I moved recently(big fat EW) and found that my house has all of these colors throughout. Throw in some aubergine and call it a day. Which, according to Vogue, means I am quite fashionable. Did you know?

Do you find that the colors in the fashion forecast make it into your home? Or are you deeply wed to certain hues no matter what? And if so, what are they?

Do tell.

(collage via Mint)


.end of Summer

How about this yummy selection for a fond farewell to Summer. I will miss Summer, too much, but love the crisp Autumn days that many of you speak of. We have about two and a half days of Fall in the South, but I will enjoy those as well!!!

What is your favorite season?


.makes me smile

I love the work of artist Joan Snyder. It is simple, but compelling, and always makes me smile.

I hope you are doing something that makes you smile this weekend. Are you? like what?


.design question number three

Nesting tables. Yes? No? Maybe? Does anyone ever use the itsy one?

Do tell.


.and the winner is.....

Alek of the wonderful From the Right Bank to the Left Coast.

Today was the eighth so I looked down to the eighth comment posted and VOLIA! It was Alek.
Alek said she would love the olive branch sculpture and so it shall be hers.....as soon as I get her address so Alek please email me!!!

Many thanks to everyone who posted on the giveaway and to all that visit my little place. So fun knowing you!


.just for you

I baked you these cupcakes as i feel so badly that I have not been around much these days. We moved on Friday, and the past three weeks have been nuts. So excited to catch up on all of your posts the next few days as I have missed them terribly.

Have a cupcake. Hope it makes your weekend sweeter!