.and the winner is.....

Alek of the wonderful From the Right Bank to the Left Coast.

Today was the eighth so I looked down to the eighth comment posted and VOLIA! It was Alek.
Alek said she would love the olive branch sculpture and so it shall be hers.....as soon as I get her address so Alek please email me!!!

Many thanks to everyone who posted on the giveaway and to all that visit my little place. So fun knowing you!


  1. Well done Alek...so. the bribe that I sent you didn't work then !!! Ha Ha Tee Hee. That was a great giveaway. XXXX

  2. I missed the giveaway! Waaahh. Oh bother, congratualtions Alex!

  3. How did I miss this! Oh I know...three kids=wipe my_____(I'll let you fill in
    the blank), I'm hungry, mom... won't stop touching me, it's my turn, yada yada yada! Somewhere in there your giveaway swept right by me! Boo!

    Oh well, I love Alek! So congrats!

  4. nkp-LOL!!!!! I have been there many zillions of times. Hang in there!


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