The Fall mood is starting to call me via color. These are delicious. So soothing, serene and rich.
It will be 900 degrees here until Thanksgiving so I have to hold onto something that says temperature change. This is it.
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nothing is what it seems...

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...in my dreams

Ahhhh, blogland. Only in the world of split second creative could someone be this clever and have such a good baby. Check out Mila's Dreams. It is darling. A sight where a very inspired mom dresses and styles her sleeping baby and her imaginary dreams. When my first child was born and finally took his daily 18 minute nap, I threatened to divorce my husband for flushing the toilet. Only after we had a tribe did that change. How nice that this sweetie sleeps and play dress up at the same time.

Very cool, indeed.


maybe, just maybe...

Are you thinking I would get more or less work done at this desk? With this view. Daydreaming is work, right?

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Hmmmmm.....style or vile?

Take a peek. Would love to hear your thoughts on this new service for the very busy bride.

I am personally thanking you for being here and wishing you a swell weekend.


i need to do about 20 of these...

I need many of these for different scenarios with my kids, but mostly my husband. Not kidding. I think it would be more effective if I just make giant flash boards and sit on the patio, cold drink in hand, waiting for the same question to be asked the 112th time. I will start flipping.

I will let you know if it works.

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.so fresh

This outfit says Summer to me. It is so flippin hot here that looking at the sleeves make my eyelids sweat, so maybe it looks like Spring. But either way, I'll take it.



These leather bowls by Simon Hasan look like wonderful ceramic pieces-almost like a clay sculpture. I love them.


diggin this.

Loving the simplicity in this kitchen. I never tire of it.


oh so good

I really like the seating in this room. Really cool banquette. But I admit to being skittish when it comes to pieces that will only work in one room, though. I believe in buying what you love first, not buying for a room as, my neighbor being a perfect example, you might get transferred after spending zillions on a piece that works only in a room you have NOW. What do you think? When parting with the big bucks, should it be on items that can go where you go?

Do tell......
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.the new me

As anyone who knows me will attest, I am no fashionista. It is a lovely thought, but with four kids and a business where I cut, pack and ship all day, guess what, J. Crew flip-flops are my standard(and have been for nine years). That being said, if I pass peacefully in my sleep in like 46 or 47 years, after kissing my family and drinking a cold Fat Tire, I would be perfectly pleased to come back looking like this.

I could even wear my flip-flops with this dress. Have a great weekend. xoxoxoxo
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.cool down

These baths make me feel cool in the heat.
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.hot or not?

I don't know. I just need some milk, but it's so damn hot outside and I don't feel like getting all changed.

Hot or not?


.bring some beer and popcorn...and beer

Let's do a movie. Yes? How cool is this?
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it's all in my head...

This is me, in my mind, as I dress for an important business meeting. Clearly the meeting is in Alaska as I would be a pool of sweat before I reach the car in sweltering Charlotte. Look how crisp I am. No frazzle. Looks like I am carrying a piano, but alas, it is just leather accessories. Hopefully they will buy them ALL so I can keep my shoes. Cross your fingers.......xoxoxoxo
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.Twist my arm...

Ok. Alright. I will take these rugs off your hands. But just because we're friends. Can you bring them over...now?
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Have a wonderful fourth.


.Change of address

If I come to your house, and this is the guest room, I will need a change of address.

Are you kidding me? Swoon...
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21 and counting...

For those of us that are, ahem, a few days over 30, this image of supermodel/author/yoga guru Christy Turlington is quite a lift. She is over 40, a momma, and in my opinion, quite holding her own in this new ad with these spry chicklets. She is the vision on the table. Makes me want to run to the nearest yoga studio....well, not WANT to, but feel it might be in by best interest. You?