it's all in my head...

This is me, in my mind, as I dress for an important business meeting. Clearly the meeting is in Alaska as I would be a pool of sweat before I reach the car in sweltering Charlotte. Look how crisp I am. No frazzle. Looks like I am carrying a piano, but alas, it is just leather accessories. Hopefully they will buy them ALL so I can keep my shoes. Cross your fingers.......xoxoxoxo
(image via Celine Resort)


  1. I was just saying how I hate putting on any clothes at all in this heat which sucks because I love clothes so much. I've pretty much given up on trying to look decent until September. Or maybe it'll be more like October. I'll fight you for those shoes though!

  2. ha ha! thanks for making me laugh today! carrying a piano! love the outfit anyway! xo

  3. Love it, but your oh so right!!! who looks like that anyway?!?

  4. FYI...there is something wrong with the comments. I am reading them, but they are not posting! So if you have written, I am not ignoring you!!! Sorry!

  5. This is me, in my mind too.

  6. crisp, clean, chic and FAAAAABULOUS!


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