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I really like the seating in this room. Really cool banquette. But I admit to being skittish when it comes to pieces that will only work in one room, though. I believe in buying what you love first, not buying for a room as, my neighbor being a perfect example, you might get transferred after spending zillions on a piece that works only in a room you have NOW. What do you think? When parting with the big bucks, should it be on items that can go where you go?

Do tell......
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  1. I like too,..just not that artwork,...I am an only child an do not like to share so if I am gonna part with big bucks it will stay put to where I can enjoy!! unless it is the 300 $ gucci sunglasses I have been drooling over,... everyone could share that awesomeness with me,.. still they would be mine, no sharing allowed ;)

  2. Definitely on what you love because it will speak to you wherever you put it in any room of your home/office.

  3. i like it, too! nobody can see the seated butts if they are standing (or leering) behind you!

    and call me a dope, but i never really thought that i needed to buy furniture that could work in all rooms. but you are right!!!!! it needs to be transferable to other rooms. i guess i haven't run into this much since i live in a one bedroom duplex!

  4. drollgirl-you are anything but a dope, and what I really meant is if you order an 18 foot leather banquette, how reasonable is it to think that will work in many rooms of many homes. I try and put the majority of my cash in pieces that can do double duty, work in many homes.

    Just me.

  5. HI Ticklish, this rooom is beautiful and I agree the banquette is wonderful. Would look great at my place. Carla x

  6. This would be a very comfortable place to have a great long dinner party.
    Definetly buy what you love! If it happens to work perfectly somewhere you are now then great....but if you move and you love something so much you will make it work in the new place too!

  7. Hi there
    Thank you for dropping by my blog. It's gorgeous over here! xo

  8. We've only bought big furniture items we fallen in love with (and usually farily pricey). I don't want to do as my mother did and buy cheaper things that she got bored with every few years and replaced them. I want to keep my stuff forever and take it around the world with me.


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