...in my dreams

Ahhhh, blogland. Only in the world of split second creative could someone be this clever and have such a good baby. Check out Mila's Dreams. It is darling. A sight where a very inspired mom dresses and styles her sleeping baby and her imaginary dreams. When my first child was born and finally took his daily 18 minute nap, I threatened to divorce my husband for flushing the toilet. Only after we had a tribe did that change. How nice that this sweetie sleeps and play dress up at the same time.

Very cool, indeed.


  1. She is so creative! Thank you for the post

  2. ha ha! exactly the same happened to me with my first child... these pics are so creative. I was so nervous with my first that I could never have imagined doing something like this. thanks for sharing! xo

  3. ohhhhh. I'm going right over to her site. Too much fun!

  4. These are so precious. What a sound sleeper!And won't these be fun to have when she grows up?

  5. That is the best.thing.ever.

  6. 18 minute naps.. OMG you poor thing!
    I was (am still..) blessed with good sleepers. Though I can totally relate to the primal anger (with ones husband.. ) that are stirred up by birth hormones and lack of sleep!

    How big is your 'tribe'?

    Love these pictures. So cute. Am off to explore her site now. Thanks for sharing.

    x Charlotta

  7. Creative and fun AND the little ones get to snore! (And are not forced into uncomfortable (at least to me) photo staging positions).

    A warm hug to you.


  8. Charlotta-Four kids, one husband a dog and a cat. And now with teenagers, there is once again, NO SLEEP!


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