.dig this dining

Really dig this dining room/library thing. It looks like people would actually hang there and you could use it to dine when needed. Feels inviting, and I can see my kids doing homework there, and then throwing them out to hang with some pals. What do you think?


.time to act

So, in a follow up to our "leaners" discussion, I am going to try and get this look going in my house this weekend. I not only love the pop of color in the chair, but love the way the pieces of art become a seamless collection. I also always love mixing old and new. To me, it just makes sense. Isn't that what our life is, a mixture of the past and present? Also hoping it will make me sit a my desk more. Ha!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
(image via the wonderful Head Over Heels)


.next time you wanna talk smack...

To all of you who said the Vikings were going down big, this is my message to you. This is also what I look like after eating chili, brownies and drinking beer ALL weekend watching some great games.

Speaking of games, let's play a fill-in-the-blank now. If I was not sitting on my ass eating brownies like a cow all weekend, and instead paid $10,000 an afternoon to a stylist to help pick out my nail polish, I would look a hell of a lot better than ________________ did at the Golden Globes last night.

Do tell.



If this were my house, these pictures would slam over onto the floor ten to fifty times a day with people running up and down the stairs with backpacks, friends, animals, etc. The piece on the actual stair kills me. But I DO like it. I am bad about not hanging things with actual nails on walls myself as I think I might want it somewhere else next week. I have lots of "leaners, too.

Do you? Also, did you know asterisk has that s before the k? I did not until today. Anyway...comment.


.dig in...

It is amazing what blossoms if we all dig in a bit. If you are able to lend a hand, here is a list of a few places to visit:



Forgive me, my pals. I have been a bit absent from visiting your delightful blogs since the Holidays. It seem life has caught up with me and I am trying to get a few steps ahead once more. For those of you that will have a zillion teenagers at once, as I do now, I want you to look at this precious, graceful, stylish, charming family and realize all of the kids are still in smocked clothing. That is why everyone is still smiling. I am not complaining, I am stating fact. Just like that wallpaper is amazing is a fact.

Miss you all.

(image via Head Over Heels blog)


.really liking this rug...

...and want to know where to find IT, or something similar,and something similar made for the after the holiday budget. Any thoughts, kiddo's?
Image via If the Lampshade Fits


.do ya dine?

Do you have a formal dining room? Hands up. Ok if you do, do you use it? Still standing? Ok, do you use it more than five times a year? Last one. Does said room serve any other purpose than your five -a -year fancy days?

Do tell...
(images Sanity Fair, Elle Decor )


.thank you Droll Girl!

I am the lucky winner of this fab giveaway from the amazing Droll Girl. The book Glamour Dogs by Catherine Ledner is such a treat as the creativity and charm just ooze off of each page. Plus, don't you just love winning something out of the blue?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my pal and if you have not been to Janelle's blog, boy, are you missing out. Go fast!