Some interesting placement of books. What do you think? I do have to say it bugs me when people style books in a way that says don't even think of picking me up and reading me. I am really a prop for this piece of crap shell on top of me. I have never been browsed. I am not reaching my destiny.

But, anyhoo.....



. caught me off guard

As you can see, I was so inspired by song that I forgot to put my shirt on while I sang nursery rhymes to the children. But I remembered my eyeliner...

Well, not really. But I do wish I could play an instrument well. Can you? If so, what kind. I am so envious, and while I know it is not too late, I do believe it is a lot easier when you are young and have parents threatening to not let you eat or watch American Idol until you practice. Or so I've heard.
(image Chanel, duh.)


blues and greens

love em.


.friday floataway

We are on our way to NY for a wonderful bridal show at the New York Palace given by the Wedding Library. Really excited as Vera Wang will be doing to show, and while I am in no market for a bridal gown, it sure is fun to look at all of that talent. Hope you have a great one.



Something about these blasts of blue that I adore. Always a big fan of most blues, these feel electric to me.

(Paul Costello, Domino)


...hello Friday

Having company this weekend. Should be fun. Also have an old bombay chest that I am attempting to get looking like this. Any tips? Warnings? Knowledge of a great paint color? Thinking of BM Razzle Dazzle.

Do tell. And have a great one!


.oh, Spring

Loving this new Hermes ad. Just makes me feel like Spring is near. Would love to wrap myself in ANY of these. All of those yummy colors. Yes.



. little bo peeps?

Ok, at the risk of irking some people I really like(forgive me), I don't get it. I just don't. I cannot own what comes directly from the runway, but I am told if we mere mortals can grab even a small accessory idea from the shows of these kings and queens of fashionista, then we are a small part of the club. The easiest grab would be these bows. But I ain't reachin. I am just so not getting it. I mean, I just do not see how these bows do anything good for the face or items below them. Look how swank the model in the first image would look sans yellow monster coming from her head! I get, I think, that it is supposed to be playful. But to me it is distracting. It looks like they were hand-slammed onto these otherwise lovely girls, and I cannot see going anywhere but nursery school with them, even though I know most of these girls are as old as.....15.

Help! Tell me what I am missing. I may believe you.


.do you mind if I lick the walls?

Not much more I can say. Really yummy.
(image via Kokken)



The swine flu is a doozy. Trust me. It has had me down for over a week. I am so happy I was able to get all the kids a vaccine as this one really hurts. Different than any other flu I have had. So, that being said, I am hanging out, near my bed, willing the rest of this bitch to leave my tired and now cranky body. I am reading all of your wonderful blogs, I am just too pooped to say anything nice. But if I were to leave the house with a mask, this would be cute.

Back soon.