. caught me off guard

As you can see, I was so inspired by song that I forgot to put my shirt on while I sang nursery rhymes to the children. But I remembered my eyeliner...

Well, not really. But I do wish I could play an instrument well. Can you? If so, what kind. I am so envious, and while I know it is not too late, I do believe it is a lot easier when you are young and have parents threatening to not let you eat or watch American Idol until you practice. Or so I've heard.
(image Chanel, duh.)


  1. If only my parents would have been more forceful, I would have continued with piano. No I regret saying I preferred playing outside over lessons with Mr. Weatherman (the piano guy).

  2. I'm just like you..., never learned. I think I might have remembered my shirt, however!

    great pic though!

  3. Ooh, fyi... I just tried to click on one of the blogs that mentioned your book "pink o'clock" and the link has too many "http's" in it...

    Thought you might want to know.

  4. hahah! cute post:). i used to play the cello but quit when i got to high school. i wish i had kept it up though!

  5. I play the castanets quite well...except that my hands are beginning to stiffen up after all those years clacking away! Wishing you a happy week.


  6. My Dad was a musician and played saxaphone and clarinet.... my mum was a singer and our son is a singer and plays guitar and double bass. I had piano lessons as a child and messed around to much, so I'm not very good

  7. go for it! I just used youtube and ultimat-guitar.com and taught myself to play guitar. In the past two years I have come quite far. No pro by any means but it sounds like music. I wanted to learn piano but a guitar was easier to get a hold of. I say go for it!

  8. i used to play the piano. now the only thing i can play is "angels we have heard on high," and that only works at christmas. sadness.

    between my brother--who can only play the mission impossible theme anymore--and me, we have quite the family band.

  9. haha! i wish i could play the drums- so one day i can play with green day... hey it could happen...

  10. love americian idol!

    I played the clairnet and Cello

    I am a big fat nerd ;)

  11. A Chanel guitar? That would cost more than my closet and rent!


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