The swine flu is a doozy. Trust me. It has had me down for over a week. I am so happy I was able to get all the kids a vaccine as this one really hurts. Different than any other flu I have had. So, that being said, I am hanging out, near my bed, willing the rest of this bitch to leave my tired and now cranky body. I am reading all of your wonderful blogs, I am just too pooped to say anything nice. But if I were to leave the house with a mask, this would be cute.

Back soon.



  1. Oh, I was wondering where you were! I do hope you are feeling so much better soon. Please take care of yourself - these bugs are not to be taken lightly. Prayers from here for you!

  2. Holy crap! You're the first person I've known to have it (weird, huh?).

    Hope you're feeling frisky as a kitten in a party dress in no time!

  3. You poor thing! Hang in there and hope you have your energy back soon.

    If you lived close I'd bring you some chicken soup. But with my luck it would be undercooked and you'd be back in bed with food poisoning.

  4. doood. bummer. i hate to hear that. being sick is lame.
    at least the kids don't have it. although, i am of the thought that i would rather THEY get sick so i can care for them as no one cares for me when i am sick and i still have to do the laundry and cook dinner and..well everything.

  5. Wishing you better A.S.A.P. Take care. XXXX

  6. oh, no! feel better--sending good healthy juju your way. xo

  7. Hope you feel better soon. I'm under the weather today too and I'm hoping it's not the beginnings of the flu. It sounds awful. It IS awful. Get well soon.


  8. oh poor you, no fun except the catching up on blogging bit - I am SO behind!

    Really hope it releases you from its gripe and you can escape into the world sans mask.

    Best wishes


  9. you don't need a mask! That sucks that you aren't feeling well! Hope you are on the mend soon!

  10. Be gone bitch! So sorry to hear this bug caught up with you! I hope your feeling better soon and that sweet family of yours is catering to your every need!


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