.happy and healthy

To all of my wonderful new pals. I cannot believe how much fun I have had meeting you all this year. Life is truly full of wonderful surprises. I wish for each of you a happy and healthy New Year full of joy and promise.
Be safe. xoxoxox g.



Visiting family in freezing Cincinnati where there is snow, ice and love, thankfully, as there would be no other way to keep warm. Good God, I really cannot believe how brave people are to live in cold, gray weather on a daily basis for like 120 days. Big fat hats off to ya. No joke.

Ok. Do you have special plans to ring in the New Year?


....and counting

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy day tomorrow and always.


.back to reality

Hi guys! We are back from a sunny week with family. As soon as I wipe the sand off my ass and eat my monthly meal, I am going to catch up on all of your blogs and share some info on our trip. I will then wrap 953 presents and go to bed.

(image via French Vogue)


.friday floataway

This is such a beautiful time of year. I love driving around after dark and looking at the lights and decorations all over town. I will be away from my computer all of next week and will miss you all. Hope your week is quite a sparkler.
(image via flickr)


.inside out

It stinks to have a fireplace that does not work. Unless you have like 12. But if you have only a few, and they do not work, I think it can be as festive to decorate inside of one as it is to do the mantle thing. What do you think?

Did you watch Top Chef? I am semi-obsessed. Bummed it is over(for those of you that missed, not going to ruin winner), but am excited to see next week as they all dish crap on each other at the reunion show. The show after, Launch My Line, is just so not doing it for me. Not happy. You?

(image via Sarah Hogan)


.come on over

Sweet. Crafty. Clever. If you have this kind of time on your hands and obviously lots of patience, can you please come over to my f@*#ing house ASAP?? There are lots of little projects you can do here and I will make you hot chocolate. Promise.
(image via decor detective)


.holiday house

Happy weekend guys! Doing a little holiday decorating here. Always makes me a little sentimental and irritable at the same time. Quite a combination. How about you? Getting into the spirit?
(image via Living Etc.)


.as visions of mustard danced in her head?

Have you ever noticed how a color can sometimes sneak up on you? You know, a color you knew was there, but did not seem to get involved in your life very often...and then one day, SLAM, and you realize, I think there is something going on here? Been there. No? Well. I am having that sort of relationship with mustard lately. No, not yellow, mustard, ocher, that sort of hue. Seems to be popping up in pictures, drawings, clothes, all sorts of things that enter my mind and home. Not that I have ever had a thing against mustard, we have just never had a spark, truly, until now.

Is there a color that has you doing a doubletake?
(images via house beautiful, flickr, Janie Best)