.back to reality

Hi guys! We are back from a sunny week with family. As soon as I wipe the sand off my ass and eat my monthly meal, I am going to catch up on all of your blogs and share some info on our trip. I will then wrap 953 presents and go to bed.

(image via French Vogue)


  1. i thought that was you and i was going to comment that we could be twins ;)... i´m glad you had a nice trip. happy holidays! warm hugs-jane

  2. Love this post. I'm off to play in the sand myself for the holidays. A sea witch must return to the sometime. Blessings to you and a Merry Christmas. Sea Witch

  3. Oh, I wondered where that photo of me went !!! Oh, the old jokes are the best !!
    Glad to hear that you had a lovely time. Now it's all systems go for the run up to Christmas. I bet there will be a frenzy of wrapping paper, sellotape and ribbon in your house. Have fun. XXXX

  4. That should be your new avatar. ;)

  5. If my ass looked like that then I would let sand stick to it every. single. day.

    Merriest of Christmases to you!

  6. welcome home! and hot damn if you don't look rockin' in that bikini!

    i haven't sent your book to you yet because i am an A#1 slacker! i will send it soon! :)

  7. You look marvelous darling. A vacation suits you well. Fortunately, mine did not involve a teeny weeny bikini. Unfortunately, I am paying for all those beignets I inhaled.

    The happiest of holidays to you, g.


  8. Wow honey, you are looking really good!


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