.friends forever

Green and blue are such good pals.  It is sweet.  And since I adore them both, I enjoy seeing them together as much as I can.  You?  What colors do you love seeing paired up?


.from afar...

There are many ways to go with a green discussion.  Today how about things I will never own that are green...and gorgeous.
(images m.bartoletti, bilana velkova, crown jewels)


.come on in...

It is easy to bring the outdoors in with this color of the week.  Guesses? Anyone?
(images, Amanda Talley, Ink and Peat, me, cocoandkelly)


Get into a great book and enjoy this weekend! Reading anything special? I would love to hear...
(image Camilla Akrans via Froufrou)


.am i blue....

Oh, blue, I think a tranquil day is in order. A soft start.  The question is will you comply?  
Oh, yes, it seems you will....
(images This is Glamorous, House Beautiful, Maria Weeks)



What gave it away? The royalty hint?

Blue is dreamy. Blue is calming.  It can be strong or friendly.  It is universal. Almost everyone likes some shade of blue. Pantone LOVES blue, even naming a shade, Blue Iris (PANTONE 18-3943) to be exact, as the 2008 Color of the Year telling us: "Combining the stable and calming aspects of blue with the mystical and spiritual qualities of purple, Blue Iris satisfies the need for reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement." 

Ok.  Cool.  A hint of mystery is always a plus. They are onto something as according to the big W, in the bandana code of gay leather subculture, wearing a medium blue bandana means one is into the fetish of having sex with someone who is wearing a police uniform. 

That is a bit mysterious. And it is probably more exciting than Royals.....well, maybe.
(images Elliott Puckette, Julie Collings, Italian Vogue, Someset)

.what could it be?

According to Wikipedia, a great source when you want information and don't care if it is completely factual, our color this week is most closely associated with the following:

liberalism(US only) I swear I'm not making this stuff up.

Oh,yeah, and sky and water. More to come.
(image Rory Shram)



Relax, kick your heels off, and enjoy this Spring weekend.
(image j. bowden)


.trend setter

Oh look, the easter bunny was in France this week wearing a FLUSH colored dress. I bet she is eating these after the show. Paris in the Spring. What a gig. I am envious.  But she must be a follower of T from a D.  I am flattered.

Or possibly I am seeing these.
(images Louis Vuitton, Laduree)



According to Webster, the following words are synonymous with pink or represent various shades of the color pink. Coral, hot pink, fuchsia, blush, flesh, flush and rose.  Not sure I know the difference between flush and blush,but I do believe the following images fall somewhere between the two and equal....delish. You?
(images,chris nichols,flickr,j,crew,ny city ballet)

.notice me

Have you ever noticed how a burst of pink can change the entire feeling of a room or object? 
(images This is GlamorousEssimar, House Beautiful) 


.pretty in pink

It is said that pink, not red, is the universal color of love. It can be shy or bold.  Shocking or soft. Think of a cloud of cotton candy, the inside of a seashell, or the promise of relief (Pepto-Bismol).

Pink has soul.

Or the ability to make you look inside of your own.  Many prisons use limited deep pink tones to diffuse aggressive behavior.  Sports teams also use pink in opposing locker rooms for the same reason-color experts claim certain shades may subdue the opponent. I should have consulted the experts before we moved in our home as Benjamin Moore Pink Party has a much different effect on my youngest daughter and her pals.  
Wikipedia says the most common connotations to pink are, and, yes, in this particular order,
  •  Girls
  •  Love
  •  Breast cancer
  •  Fairies
  •  Valentines Day 
  •  Homosexuality
Seeing pink elephants in hallucinations is a sign of delirium. And while this was not on the short list, I thought you might want to know it's out there.
(images Mary Ruffle, New York City Ballet, S. Paola)

.color me pretty

Do you find yourself unable to sleep at night pondering:
 What color screams success on the job interview?
 Which two colors can give you the competitive edge in any sport? 
 What color is best to wear on a first date? 
 What color is an eyesore and will turn anyone off? 
 What color you should wear for a day in court?
If so, go quickly to colorvoodoo.com for more information than anyone knew could exist about color. Informative, interesting and scientific, colorvoodoo.com may answer questions about your taste  your best friend would never touch. Not that curious? If you prefer to conduct your color experiments by looking at pretty pictures and declaring,"I like this color because it matches my eyes."- well. then you just stay right here.
(image j.blightly)




.happy easter

Have an egg-cellent weekend!

(image Teen Vogue via Inside the Loop)


.back to reality

On our way home.  Goodbye beach.  I will miss you.  Goodbye Ed at the bar. Goodbye shells. Goodbye eight dollar cokes and million dollar shacks.  I will wear this to the Teeter and think of you fondly...
(image Coco and Kelly)


.real estate envy

The prices of real estate in the low country seem OUT OF WHACK.   We are at the beach, so maybe news is slow to get to the island, as businesses seem unaware most people cannot afford a nine dollar salad with five and a half pieces of lettuce and a tomato wedge. Ditto the real estate. This house would be a steal at $995,000.000.
As for being close to the water, you're in luck. The toilet is three steps from the bed.
(image james merrill)


.beach mornings

Really enjoying a few days at the beach.  Got my basket out, flip flops on. Strolling and looking for pieces like these. Finding splinters and cracked shells instead. Which does not stop me from collecting them and wondering what their story is.  


.friday floataway

Seemed like a long week.  Very excited to grab my bags and wash ashore in Charleston, SC for a few days. Packed a few things, ready for a change, kids have Spring Break in a few hours. Always on the lookout for shells to add to my collection of about a zillion.

And then I saw this, a perfect way to end a week discussing the unexpected in design. I wonder if it sounds like the ocean if you put your head on the floor? I wonder if it is in Idaho? I wonder if they want one of my books?

But, hey,the beach is the beach, and I am ready to be swept away.  Happy Weekend!


Spring Fashion Envy

More on mixing the unexpected.

Fifi Lapin is a rabbit slathered in couture.  She has a special fondness for Karl Lagerfeld and Bottega Venneta, and looks better than most runway models dressed in the outfits hanging in her closet. She has also snagged a hot boyfriend, with quite the budget and fashion sense, who takes her on romantic trips to Paris, where I imagine they shop til they drop.  Lucky bunny.

If you are not a bunny, but happen to be a rock, Knittalatte has designed a line of fashion forward knits, no, crochets, that will make you want to come in from the cold. Designing for rocks of ALL sizes,  Knittalatte has inspired a sort of cult-like following in the rock community. For those rocks who are not big on dry cleaning, the amazing artist Gennine can paint a frock directly on you. Swear. No longer will you stare glassy eyed into the closet looking for the perfect outfit, no messing with the trends. You can wear it in ALL types of weather and it will be around.......forever.  

Mama wants a brand new pair of shoes. Better get out my markers...

An interesting mix

A great example of mixing unexpected textures and materials, artist Sarajo Frieden delights and inspires with his embroidery on paper collection.  It is hard to beat nature as the best place for combining elements that create interesting color and shape.