Spring Fashion Envy

More on mixing the unexpected.

Fifi Lapin is a rabbit slathered in couture.  She has a special fondness for Karl Lagerfeld and Bottega Venneta, and looks better than most runway models dressed in the outfits hanging in her closet. She has also snagged a hot boyfriend, with quite the budget and fashion sense, who takes her on romantic trips to Paris, where I imagine they shop til they drop.  Lucky bunny.

If you are not a bunny, but happen to be a rock, Knittalatte has designed a line of fashion forward knits, no, crochets, that will make you want to come in from the cold. Designing for rocks of ALL sizes,  Knittalatte has inspired a sort of cult-like following in the rock community. For those rocks who are not big on dry cleaning, the amazing artist Gennine can paint a frock directly on you. Swear. No longer will you stare glassy eyed into the closet looking for the perfect outfit, no messing with the trends. You can wear it in ALL types of weather and it will be around.......forever.  

Mama wants a brand new pair of shoes. Better get out my markers...


Yes, yes, tell me!