.weekend, here I come...

It has been a busy week in my neck of the woods.  I am looking forward to a bit of rest and relaxation. Blue skies wouldn't hurt my feelings, either.  I need some good brain power for an interesting post on Monday. Shhh....it's a surprise.
(wink, Joanna!)

Speaking of surprises, you must go visit the lovely Janet of French Blue and see what is up her sleeve...

Do you have big plans? I hope they are great!  You guys are such fun.
(image lolita)


.style or vile?

I am all for multi-purpose items.  I think I could find 453 uses for vinegar(swear).  Makeup giant Bobbi Brown was on the Today show suggesting that in this economy, you should let your lipstick double as a cream blush.  Dual purpose is recession-friendly. But I have to draw the line somewhere. Not only do I keep my combo blush/lipstick in my handbag, it is home to my cell phone as well. And I don't want my head ringing unless it's from too much red wine.

You? Is this style or vile?


.when hell freezes over...

When Hell freezes over you will find me in this amazing Missoni bikini. I will be a bit cold, but look darling. Until that time, I will re-live (in my mind) the days I pranced around, without a care, in bathing suits that were held together by sheer will. The kind of suits I tell my daughters are too skimpy. The kind that leave nothing to the imagination. The kind I wore when I met my husband.

Enough said.


.I have to ask....

I have to ask. Have you ever given any thought to the word verification letters that appear when you comment on a blog? You can tell me. Logically, I realize that these verification letters are randomly, computer generated. But the bizarre thing is sometimes the letters form words at the most appropriate moments. 
Note: It will be of no surprise to anyone in my home that something so random would peak my interest, but if you are scared, stop reading now. 

Example. A few weeks ago, my youngest daughter and I were having a heated discussion regarding her ripped jean skirt from Abercrombie and Fitch, appropriately priced at around $6000.00. I explained my thoughts on the lack of length, she screamed hers back in return.  At the time of our debate, I had been visiting the lovely Spain Daily and I was happy. Not so much now. I was trying to shake it off and get back to Spain when I noticed the word verification for my comment was waiting for me to type and post. The letters were stopma. Huh? Stopma. As in Stop Ma, this skirts is fine? Random letters, right? Had to be.

On I went to another favorite blog, the yummy StyleRedux. The beautiful images made me smile again, but the word verification caused a different reaction: dropitol. Yikes!  Drop it all? What normally seemed like eight random letters was now freaking me out! Was this word verif sequence a message from above-and not as in upstairs in my house.  Does Ma need to stop and drop it all? Maybe the piece of material masquerading as a skirt was not that awful? Should I lighten up? Was this a coincidence? Who is really picking these letters

Since that day I have paid special attention to what comes across my screen.  No more blatant messages, but it has been interesting all the same. Some letters make recognizable words. Socket, quest, state. Others, though not actual words in English, still get the point across: xsessess, chyper, woriess, pityu, enabl, or beachhous. Ok, I admit I made the last one up as a subliminal message to my husband, but the rest are as they appeared. And many, while not words at all, really should be: pristina, lazeday, maybso and lessalgo.  I could find a use for them. Here is a good sentence: "That girl was a total pristina in her horrid Abercrombie skirt".  Go figure. The word verification system has helped me with my daughter and expanded my vocabulary.  

Blogging clearly is a great use of my time.  

As for the message from above theory, who can ever know for sure.  But something is up. In the past two weeks alone I have seen: scrouued, asshi, hinee, forted, belchr, imagopoop, spastec, bressed, and my very favorite, morawn, Which makes one thing clear. If there is a random letter God spewing messages from above, he is a twelve year old boy...or Southern.


.love is...on the road???

My husband is a biker.  Mountain biking, road racing-he does it all. He's won many races, and if not racing, we often go to cheer friends on as they speed by.  A thirty mile ride is a warm up for my guy.  Because of this passion, I know good bikes by name, shop for camelbacks and bike seats, and understand to hold the CAT 2's in awe. I have ridden as stoker on our tandem bike while he rides up front, insisting I call him "Captain", a technical term he relishes hearing. I comply as he looks downright yummy in his spandex shorts. I could tell you about the wreck that ended our tandem partnership, but without being able to actually
hear the "Oh no!"s and "Poor thing!" you would exclaim in horror, it serves no purpose.

So, you could say we share this interest.  I mean, you could.  But if so, you should know my idea of the perfect bike is one with a huge basket perfect for fresh flowers, lemonade and a good book. It is pink. And a sparkly bell wouldn't hurt....

You?  Happy Memorial Day!
(images Simply Seleta, French Vogue, Hula Seventy)



I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'm going to be light, breathe in the sweet air, swim with my family, smile and most importantly, thank all of those, present and past, on Monday, Memorial Day, for giving me the peace to do so...



.style or vile?

Let's play a game, shall we?  Do you think this item has style?  Or is it vile

Would you have guessed the Swarovski crystal puts the price tag higher than the average house in Detroit, Michigan? Yup. Does that matter? Have you ever been guilty of admiring something you previously designated "ick" once you learned it came from a notable designer? Like, you thought your aunt's brooch was fugly until you found out it's Cartier-now try and pry it from your hands? Have you seen a chair in someone's home, felt that it belonged on the curb, and then summoned a new found admiration when it was vintage Eames? Or the reverse. You coveted the pillow on your neighbor's couch until you learned they are Jaclyn Smith for K-mart. Or does that make it even BETTER!? The fact that the style had no correlation to the price.

What makes something scream style?  Or vile?

So.  Do you like this toilet?  And don't give me any crap. I'm just asking...
(image Jemal Wright)


.hang your hat

i love hats and hair art.  i wear them. do you?


.you would be grouchy, too...

Rumor has it her dissatisfied look is due to Noel's shoes being here and not on her saucy little feet. Wouldn't they be perfect? I don't blame her. Most of my clothes are living inside the J. Crew Catalog or at Bottega Venata in New York and it is so annoying.  I wish the folks at Toast would send for them and call it a day.

Or maybe she is just hungry?

Where are the frocks that should be in your closet?


. in my shoes

Is it because of the blushing pink color?  Could be. Pink is always a draw here.  Is it because it is beautifully handmade?  Well, yes, that is a huge part of the allure. Is it because it is made from paper?!! No, I am not kidding. It is paper. Hand-dyed paper.  Is it because the designer, Noel Solomon, is delightful? Well, sure, that is always a plus.  Why do I love this shoe? Is it all of the above and more?  Yes, I am certain it is. 



.new york or bust

So excited to be going to the big apple to visit my wonderful family.  I will squeeze in a smidge of business,(at the amazing ABC Carpet and Home-I know-cry me a river!) 
and then we are off to a Yankee's game with my son from there! 

Yahoo! Sweet life!

I hope your weekend is a delight!
(image I Suwannee)


.you know those days...

Do you ever have those moments?  Times when you feel in over your head.  When you feel spread a bit thin. 
If those days appear here, and they sometimes do, I try my best to shake them off...quickly.  One proven way is to open the back of my planner where, with well worn tape and affection, is this poem I found many years ago.  

It always makes me pause, smile, and begin to surface for air.


Some days I find myself
putting my foot in
the same stream twice;
leading a horse to water
and making him drink.
I have a clue.
I can see the forest
from the trees.

All around me people
are making silk purses
out of sow's ears,
getting blood from turnips,
building Rome in a day.
There's a business
like show business.
There's something new
under the sun.

Some days misery
no longer loves company;
it puts itself out of its.
There's rest for the weary.
There's turning back.
There are guarantees.
I can be serious.
I can mean that.
You can quite
put your finger on it.

Come on.  Your smiling, aren't you?
( I have never found the author. If you do, please share.)


.where do you read???

Where do you tend to settle with a good book, magazine or paper?  Is it always the same spot? Do you save your favorite magazines for the perfect time, or do you rip right in and devour them within minutes of arrival? Do tell...
(images If the Lampshade Fits, Mark Russell, If the Lampshade Fits, Cory Tisch)


.six degrees of separation?

I find this first image dreamy.  And so I began to daydream, not about a pinwheel, but about an enormous lollypop. A colorful, whimsical lollypop in the wind. A lollypop I would be tempted not to share. But this lolly would then be so large, it could get sticky and, given the wind, stuck in my hair. It would go from sticky to sappy as I would have to wet it, just a bit, to get it out of my hair. It might then become melty and look, well, something like this.  I was pondering what said lollypop was even adding to my life, for all of the trouble it was giving me, when my son walked by and said it looked like an amoeba.

Problem solved. One less person to give a lick.
(images Jamie Lee, Ben Branagan)

.flower shower

Second to Valentine's Day, more flowers are sold for Mother's Day than any holiday.  I don't believe you ever need a reason to bring me flowers.  Especially pink ones.  What flowers make you swoon?
(images kate burkus, james kirk, jetty, etsy, marie bias)


.happy mother's day

Every mother is like Moses.
She does not enter the promised land.
She prepares a world she will not see.
Pope John Paul VI

I love this thought.  Happy Mother's Day to all you fair ladies.  And for my kids...

When I count my blessings, I count you twice...


.i am moving

I am moving. Perhaps you would like to join me? My new home will be inside of the TOAST catalog. All of my new friends look so happy, unbelievably stylish and well behaved.  I am sure you are well behaved, too.  But are your sheets this crisp? Do your towels sparkle in the afternoon sun? My new home is warm, colorful, and there are always chilled bottles of delight awaiting my return. I do not see anyone screaming about not wanting to do their SAT words or go to volleyball practice.  See how relaxed I will look in my new clothes?  Come on, now.  Are you packing?

I will be having a brunch there on Sunday for anyone who has been called a Mother. Do come. I'll be waiting.....
(images TOAST)


.the sun reads my blog

Looks like the rain is on it's way OUT of my town. I am now happy to delight in some leftover pleasures! Thanks for reading, Sun, and snapping right to it. You're the best...


.rain, rain, you've outlived your stay...

Rain, the first day you came to town, I was thrilled.  You were refreshing. The next seven have made you a bit of a tired guest. My cilantro says thank you, but my hair says chia pet, expanding with each drop. I am slip-sliding in my flip flops-which is more annoying than my hair.   Let's do lunch is a few weeks, but for now, can you pack your bags....please?
(images R. Tops, taryn May, Chia)


.books and bed

This was somehow missing from my post regarding "Do you put stuff ON your books". 
But looking at it really makes me really ponder... sleep!  Doesn't this look so refreshing, yet warm? I also love the touch of the delicious color lavender. Always do.
More to come...


.seen, but not heard

I have been pondering....

This is a decor related question.  I have 9,564 books, maybe 9,565 even. There is no limit to the books I covet.  Love to read, browse, share...you get the picture. What I am not sure about though is books and design in the home. What do you think about objects, sometimes one, sometimes what seems like every accessory in a living room, placed as a decorative splash on top of books?  Does it say swanky, or does it say- don't even think of touching me. I want to be seen and not read. Do you think they are silently screaming get this %$#@ off of me? Should you decorate ON your books?

Thoughts please.....