.when hell freezes over...

When Hell freezes over you will find me in this amazing Missoni bikini. I will be a bit cold, but look darling. Until that time, I will re-live (in my mind) the days I pranced around, without a care, in bathing suits that were held together by sheer will. The kind of suits I tell my daughters are too skimpy. The kind that leave nothing to the imagination. The kind I wore when I met my husband.

Enough said.


  1. So cute! Your writing I mean! The suit too but probably not so cute on me.

  2. g.
    this is so you...so simple & carefree~
    no wonder your husband loves you so much!

  3. p.s.
    OMG!! You'll NEVER believe the words that just came up!!
    "GOGEE" Really really!!

  4. I don't want to think of bikini... or when I wore it freely, or even when I was younger with no responsability... starting from a bikini I could finish in an existential debate!! I love your writing :) Bye!!

  5. whether you wear it or not, this is a very pretty bikini!

    I missed your last post, and I think you may like this


    if you're wondering about the word verification...

  6. My Middle Daughter thought that my stomach broke through my swimming suit. It was just a two piece tankini. Ugh....
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Nice of you to comment on my downer of a post.


  7. Tracey-that is lol funny. See, I told you you are even funny when you are down!!!

  8. I have suits like these for wild beaches, where no one is looking.
    I really love how a two piece just reminds us to keep it all together.
    My Mom crocheted one for me and after one swim the thing hung...
    It was a hoot. Thanks for the memories...

  9. Whuuahahhaaa...this is too funny!! :-)))

  10. I'll be right there with you, in hell, that is. Perhaps we can keep one another warm! ;0 That is one cute itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny...well, you know!

  11. that bikini is amazing. but it would be REALLY AMAZING if i could actually look good in it.

  12. Sometimes I think - Well, let me give it one more try. Ha! When hell freezes over, indeed!
    (But a girl can dream, can't she?)

  13. Hehehe...the adage is "do what I say and not what I do," right?

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog -- I look forward to visiting with you again soon!

  14. it is a bit ironic that it will take hell freezing over to wear it and at that point, we'll need something warm like snowsuits which will cover us up perfectly.

  15. Haha, cute post! :) I can't pull these off at the moment either, cue in 50's style bikini's, love them!

  16. oooo, gimmie gimmie. i dont enough of the boobies to fill the top though.

    thanks for the kind words about my crummy job. i do need some baileys... in any form cupcake or not!

  17. My bikini days are long gone. It took me all last summer to find a decent one piece, and even that had to be altered. (my husband's a biker too)

  18. I don't miss those days myself. There are still photos around that I could look at, if I were that sort....but, no, I don't miss them! :)

  19. SO super cute! I think this summer I'll be getting a one-piece. a) because I'm loving them lately, and b) because the belly is a bit too big for a bikini!


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