New York Gift Fair

Going to the big Apple for my first gift show. YIKES! I am in the juried handmade section so if you are there, please stop by! Excited to see what it is like.


oh come on....

Not sure what the hell is wrong with me( I wear jeans and a grey/black/white tee every day), but I am drooling over clothes these days. I just want these boots and then, there is a chance- it may stop. I will have to stand still as a step may mean certain death, but I want them.


.don't know why

This is not a fashion blog. Yet, I am finding so much inspiration these days in the simplicity in what I am seeing from some runway items. This kills me. Delish. Yes. Simple. Yes. Lovely. Check. And interesting.



oh Oscar...

The hell with the Academy Awards. This is the only Oscar that makes me sing. Simple, clean, divine.
(via Oscar de la Renta)



Love everything about this image. This would be great as my house. You?
(via Italy relese)


suit up.

Never a huge fan of finding a good suit, these images from Anthro are pretty dandy.
(via Oh Joy)



If this was on my body I would look like a rug from West Elm, but she looks so pretty and warm. This snow is no longer the least bit amusing....but this coat could make it more so...
(image via ruel)



Loving the Spring collection found here. Loving anything Spring at this moment. I am a fair weather(literally-ha!) Winter girl. Love it in December, then come January 1, I am ready for Spring!



Do you jot or journal? I think I scribble, but either way, my designing journals started with never finding one that satisfied me.....enough. I love them. You?


Black Swan

I know, I know, these images from the Times are old, but they remind me of the amazing costumes for the new Natalie Portman drama Black Swan. Anyone seen it? Sounds a bit creepy, but I am intrigued. Do tell....and have a great weekend, pups!


What a way to start a weekend...

If you live in the NY area, Saipua has a Friday free flower giveaway and delivery you can enter. A tad jealous.....enjoy!


Work me.

I would so love this as my space. You?


Happy New Year!

Wishing you warmth and love this New Year!
(found over at Liza's)