Black Swan

I know, I know, these images from the Times are old, but they remind me of the amazing costumes for the new Natalie Portman drama Black Swan. Anyone seen it? Sounds a bit creepy, but I am intrigued. Do tell....and have a great weekend, pups!


  1. Not out here in the UK until about 21st Jan.... 'The King's Speech' will be first. Will try and get to both but might wait 'till Black Swan comes on Sky movies. XXXX

  2. It's amazing. One of those movies you can't stop thinking about. Even weeks later! Honestly, you'll love it although it is disturbing at times. Bonus points because it's appealing to the men as well!

  3. I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to! Especially now that Natalie Portman is pregnant and her fiance is in the movie. Okay I had plans to see it before that too ;)

  4. sweet gal, thanks so much for your kind comment. I really appreciate your thinking of me...

    We haven't seen Swan yet but want to. I can't say enough great stuff about 'Fighter' Christian Bale is fantastic - if he doesn't get best actor for this role - I'll be surprised.

    happy new year and again, many thanks! donna

  5. I absolutely adored that feature-who can resist the Nutcracker?

    As for Black Swan, I'll confess it wasn't my favorite. It seemed unnecessarily violent, and as a former dancer, I cringe watching dance films. That said, it was fascinating, and everyone on earth is talking about it, so I would suggest watching it even if I didn't particularly enjoy it!

  6. Still trying to get the nerve up to see Black Swan, everyone says it's so disturbing- but I'll get there-- soon.
    Happy New Year! jj


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