.design question number two

Is there a proper way to hang a grouping of images? Is it ok to use different frames on the same wall, even preferable? What about black and white photos alongside color? Certain heights?

Whadda ya think? Are there rules we should discuss?


.weekend, here I come...

Going to be doing a lot of work this weekend. Not much fun, but it is just the way the weekend ball is rolling for me. How about you? I hope you have a great one!

(image The Ritzy Bee)


.paint by number?

I love this image. It is what I feel like(and DO!) every time I paint. It never ceases to amaze me how many tints of white there truly are in this world! Do you have a color that is tried and true that you seem to go back to over and over? Will you share it with the rest of us? Mine is BM Silver Fox. Really nice.

Do tell!
(image via I Suwanee)


.style or vile?

Not sure it is obvious what theses are. Do you know what they are? They are steering wheel covers for your car....or Barbie jeep. So my question is, is it stylish to go as far as having a designer steering wheel cover? Or tacky? You decide.

Style or vile?


.weekend, here I come...


Enjoy your weekend!
(image via Please Sir)


.giveaway. this may be my 100th post!

Not sure. You know where you sign in at your dashboard? It says I have 99 posts. Well, according to another informative area in my blog, I have 88. Clearly, somebody cannot count, and it may not be me. The workings of this blog can be baffling at times(another post entirely), but I wrote this post before 88 came into the picture, and I am now excited about my idea, so we are going with it. Here at Ticklish from a Distance, we celebrate your 100th post on either your 100th....or 88th. Your choice.

That said, I have read it is customary to do a GIVEAWAY in celebration of your 100th post. That's fun.

I have a website where I offer iems of my own design, as well as items made by numerous talented artists that I stumble upon. You never know where or how you will find something that makes your eyes widen and your wallet burn, but as you all know, when it hits, it can hit hard. One day this past Spring, I was meeting with a buyer at ABC Home in N.Y.( I know, big fat YUM!). As we were speaking, she started to write with something I had been admiring on her desk, something I thought was a sculpture! Well, it was, but it was also a graphite pencil. Swear! They fit into your hand and are pencil length, but substantial(see 2nd image for scale). I was into it and she was so excited by how excited I was that she sent me to the artist, Agelio Batle, in San Francisco. Here is how Batle describes his work:

Batle Graphite Sculptures are the artistic creation of San Francisco artist Agelio Batle who creates sculptured "pencils" from a graphite composition. These unique Batle graphite sculptures are functional writing utensils and elegant desk top sculptures. Each surface of the sculpture can be used as a pencil. The composition of each sculpture however will not mark your hands. And each piece is completely lead free and one of a kind. They last for years.

Too cool. I want them! But when I called Batle Studio later that week, they very kindly explained while they were flattered by my hysteria, they did not sell to websites....ever. Aaaaahhhhhh! I said no problem, but, could they please take a peek at my leather books, as I hoped they might see the fit was perfect. They did, agreed, made an exception and sold me these fabulous items, items that I can't keep in stock! So here we are. I have these amazing, functional art objects on my site, one of which is leaving cyberspace and heading to one of you.

Ok, here is how it works. I am selling six different designs, so I think the best thing to do is click here , see the one you most adore, then come back here and comment as to why. I will randomly pick a comment whose answer I like best, and send that person the Batle design they picked! Let's say by next Friday. Yes?

I am totally into these and hope you will love them, so this is a way to say thank you to all of my cool new friends for coming by and inviting me to your blogs as well. You inspire me, in different ways, each and every day. It really is a ball.

(image credit-me)

.design question number one

So I have been thinking. I am no interior designer. I know what I like....usually. I always know what I hate. But sometimes there are decor and design questions that might be obvious to those in the industry, but not so obvious to innocent bystanders. Not things really taste related, as in my opinion, no one person can tell you what you fancy is right or wrong. I mean, they can cringe or gasp in delight, but you are the only one who matters. Your space, right?

That said, there are some things when renovating, picking fabric, measuring, in which a consensus often helps. Not like your mom saying you will regret Belgian linen 20 times. That is not consensus, that is annoying. But where the more the merrier approach is helpful when you sort of feel you could go either way. Make sense? So I thought posing some of these design questions could be helpful.

That there are thousands of real designers who blog and can help us mortals does not hurt.

So, without further explanation, here is design question number one:

Do you prefer to paint the molding in a room the trim color or the same color as the wall?


.a little something extra

I am drawn to interiors that feature a mix of materials. Classic and industrial, velvet with stainless, wood with chrome....you get the idea. This type of design was what my grandma would have called "quirky", just a little something extra that makes what is already good special. I agree.

What do you like to add to give an unexpected twist to a room?


.friday floataway

Oh my. Have you ever? I think I could make weekend plans in this place. You?

Do you have something fun going on this delightful August weekend? I hope so.

(image If the Lampshade Fits)


.where do you think?

Is it behind a desk? Is it in your favorite chair? When cooking? Do you have a place dedicated to work...or do you roam from room to room thinking? Where does inspiration strike at home?

Spill it.


.color me pretty

Some might say I am color obsessed. I suppose you could look at it that way. In my business, it really DOES make a difference which shade of blue you choose for a client. A bride may want a pale blue, no hint of purple, but not aquamarine....you get the picture. So do I.

Colors for the home are the same for me. When my son says he wants gray for his room, I say what kind of gray? He looks around the room for support that I have two heads. "What KIND of gray? Mom, the good kind, not the ugly kind, ok?" Oh......cool, now I get it. Only 4,234 shades to go through. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get the picture here as well, I imagine.

What color is under your skin at the moment? Have you found the perfect paint chip?

Do tell...


.can you hear me???

Oh my. I feel I have been away forever. I went to the beach with my family, all 13 of us, and while I brought my laptop, I must confess, it never left the bag! I can't believe it.
I was so knee-deep happy in my husband, kids, siblings, parents,in-laws,. etc., that it literally sat in the corner for nine days. I know! Nuts. I had the best time ever.

But I missed you all. Cannot wait to read all of your posts and see what is new and exciting. Anything great going on with you this week? Do tell!!!