.can you hear me???

Oh my. I feel I have been away forever. I went to the beach with my family, all 13 of us, and while I brought my laptop, I must confess, it never left the bag! I can't believe it.
I was so knee-deep happy in my husband, kids, siblings, parents,in-laws,. etc., that it literally sat in the corner for nine days. I know! Nuts. I had the best time ever.

But I missed you all. Cannot wait to read all of your posts and see what is new and exciting. Anything great going on with you this week? Do tell!!!


  1. I hear ya, I hear ya. I'm so glad you're back. Been checking in daily. But better still, I applaud you for your complete and total immersion in family time! That's what it's all about. I'm thrilled to hear you had a wonderful vacation.

    As for us, we are getting ready to go back to school next Monday. Can you believe it! Summer just began and now it's almost over. Welcome back, g.!

  2. fark it is good to see that you are back!!! it is good to get out and live life sometimes rather than being chained to the com-p.u.-ter all the time!

    hope you had a blast!

    tell me more tell me more!

    p.s. i would NEVER stick my butt up like that in a field (or most other locations). ever. it would block the sun and cast a tremendous shadow.

  3. Good god! Please reintroduce yourself ;) Welcome back!

  4. missed your posts--glad you're back! xoxo

  5. Welcome home! I'm sure your time at the beach with 13 of your favorite people was a blast. Shhh... I wouldn't have taken out my laptop either. xoxo

  6. Good for you! I plan on doing the same very soon.

    Sand in my toes and... well, everywhere else.

    Hope your trip was a relaxing as it should be!

  7. Good for you...a beach reprieve always refreshes the soul!

  8. Welcome back, chickypoo! The blogosphere is better with you in it.

  9. I love her boots in that picture!

    I'm so glad that you had such a great time with your family! Missed you and your posts.


    Dog met a skunk and now he smells really bad.

    Started getting things together for a yard sale and then I remembered that the road construction will keep us from getting even one customer.

    Donating lots of items tomorrow....


  10. You know, I'm sure the photo before that in the series was her leaning over to smell a flower with some jester racing up behind to boot her over. Totally looks like she just faceplanted in a meadow. Shouldn't models have superior balance? For shame.

  11. it's great to have you back. you were definitely missed! the beach is the perfect place to lose touch and it's terrific you did that, but now....get back to blogging...wink.

  12. Welcome back-I expect comments on every post you missed-LOL!

  13. Welcome Home my little one! I am so happy you had so much fun with that sweet family of yours. I knew you were knee deep in puddles of laughter... I am out out out right now. My computer crashed and I can't blog!! OH my!! BUT I could hear you~~ I am borrowing someones laptop to say hey~

  14. Good for you! That is what a vacay is meant to be.

  15. Good for you, happy to hear you had an amazing time with family. Recharging is great for the mind and spirit.
    Welcome Back,

  16. must have felt good to unplug for a while!! family time is much needed. welcome back.

  17. so glad your back and so glad you didn't take your computer out. sometimes you just need to be with the fam.

  18. I need that kind of getaway. Now.


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