.giveaway. this may be my 100th post!

Not sure. You know where you sign in at your dashboard? It says I have 99 posts. Well, according to another informative area in my blog, I have 88. Clearly, somebody cannot count, and it may not be me. The workings of this blog can be baffling at times(another post entirely), but I wrote this post before 88 came into the picture, and I am now excited about my idea, so we are going with it. Here at Ticklish from a Distance, we celebrate your 100th post on either your 100th....or 88th. Your choice.

That said, I have read it is customary to do a GIVEAWAY in celebration of your 100th post. That's fun.

I have a website where I offer iems of my own design, as well as items made by numerous talented artists that I stumble upon. You never know where or how you will find something that makes your eyes widen and your wallet burn, but as you all know, when it hits, it can hit hard. One day this past Spring, I was meeting with a buyer at ABC Home in N.Y.( I know, big fat YUM!). As we were speaking, she started to write with something I had been admiring on her desk, something I thought was a sculpture! Well, it was, but it was also a graphite pencil. Swear! They fit into your hand and are pencil length, but substantial(see 2nd image for scale). I was into it and she was so excited by how excited I was that she sent me to the artist, Agelio Batle, in San Francisco. Here is how Batle describes his work:

Batle Graphite Sculptures are the artistic creation of San Francisco artist Agelio Batle who creates sculptured "pencils" from a graphite composition. These unique Batle graphite sculptures are functional writing utensils and elegant desk top sculptures. Each surface of the sculpture can be used as a pencil. The composition of each sculpture however will not mark your hands. And each piece is completely lead free and one of a kind. They last for years.

Too cool. I want them! But when I called Batle Studio later that week, they very kindly explained while they were flattered by my hysteria, they did not sell to websites....ever. Aaaaahhhhhh! I said no problem, but, could they please take a peek at my leather books, as I hoped they might see the fit was perfect. They did, agreed, made an exception and sold me these fabulous items, items that I can't keep in stock! So here we are. I have these amazing, functional art objects on my site, one of which is leaving cyberspace and heading to one of you.

Ok, here is how it works. I am selling six different designs, so I think the best thing to do is click here , see the one you most adore, then come back here and comment as to why. I will randomly pick a comment whose answer I like best, and send that person the Batle design they picked! Let's say by next Friday. Yes?

I am totally into these and hope you will love them, so this is a way to say thank you to all of my cool new friends for coming by and inviting me to your blogs as well. You inspire me, in different ways, each and every day. It really is a ball.

(image credit-me)


  1. Congrats on 100! I am on my 100th post today, too!

    And how cool that they saw your stuff and made an exception. Yay!

  2. I love the element of surprise - I would have to chose the silver shell because I have an entire collection of them. I'd love to scatter shells around my desk with the pencil among them and surprise guests by writing with it!

  3. Fun, FUN!
    I love the Silver Earings,.. I think Why is one my fav season is fall and they look how I feel about fall, never thought earings would cause me to feel something,... But ya know how you know it is fall and winter is slowly lingering,.. when you get a chill on the tip of your nose when you go outside and you can hear the crackle of leaves beneath your feet,.. I love that time of the year and that is how the earings make me feel.

    Congrats on the Post BTW!

  4. G.-They are all stunning, but I am especially drawn to the Calla Lily. But more important than this great giveaway is a chance for all of us to celebrate your wonderful blog, whatever the number of posts. I think we all find inspiration in our favorite blogs, and I have always been especially drawn to yours. Keep up the wonderful work-I look forward to the next 88 or 100! What happened to Style or Vile? I love that feature so much!

  5. It just so happens I was at your lovely shop for about an hour last night going back and forth over the gorgeous graphite sculptures and your beautiful leather albums. I was wondering how I could have missed that Dew Drop is YOUR shop?! Sometimes we must be hit over the head. I did, of course, know the leather albums are created by you, and have coveted one for quite some time (since your giveaway when I first met you on this is glamorous). I just love Dew Drop. As for the amazing graphite sculptures this sweet company has let you sell, I kept going back to the shell last night, because it would pair so well with an at-the-beach leather album. I love both so much.
    And, may I post about you and your giveaway???

  6. Style Redux-how very sweet. thank you so much. AND LOOK FOR STYLE OR VILE VERY SOON! Oooops...caps. Sorry.
    liza-that is really too funny. you are quite sweet. And, yes, be my guest about inviting people over. The more the merrier!

  7. What an amazing find and what a great story - beginning with ABC Home - hello, my favorite store! They are all beautiful but if I had to choose, I think the olive branch is my favorite because it's so simple and I love what it represents.

  8. Whether it be 88 or 100, I believe congratulations are in order!

    I adore your blog. So happy you found mine.


  9. Congrats on being 100...forget about the 88 thingy !!!! I am so impressed when someone clocks up 100...I'm around the 40 mark and that was quite intense so 100...WOW. I'm in awe and I bow at you feet.
    Oh how I love the graphite sculptures/pencils. I am torn between the shell and the leaf BUT I'm going for the leaf as we are nearly coming into autumn (fall!!!), did I say how intelligent you come across on your posts???!!! and I don't live very near to the beach . I think the leaf will look stunning on my desk in my study and. did I tell you how pretty you are ???!!!! It will look as if it has fluttered down from the tree outside and landed on my desk. Oh, by the way, did you get the money I sent you ??!!!!
    Seriously, congratulations, once again and I look forward to many more wonderful posts in the future. XXXX

  10. congrats on ... whatever number of delicious post you've done!
    I adore the pencil in leaf design. but I warn you, if I win I will not have the heart to use it as a pencil. it's just too pretty! xo

  11. congratulations on 100!!! Those are amazing, I adore the olive branch...it is breathtaking!

  12. okay....this is getting funny. we seem more alike everyday (except for that artist talent you so obviously have....me, not as much) anyway...i didn't realize you sold those too. they are also one of our best sellers...love. love. love the shell. congrats on 100...that went fast!

  13. Little g.
    Oh Oh Oh!! CONGRATS ON your SO FAB BLOG regardless of how many!!! You are a hottie and thats that!! I ADORE these pencils! I would have gone nutz, like you seeing them in person, being used at ABC carpets!! You have the most unusual & unique eye, very whimsical but very natural. I love the balance of you and your blog!

    I choose the olive tree branch. I love olive trees... they remind me of my Dad...he planted one in his front yard one day. My dad is gone but his olive tress is still so alive, growing and is so Beautiful~

  14. gosh, these are incredible. what a fantastic giveaway, and these writing instruments go perfectly with your lovely leather books (which you know i adore!).

    if i had to pick just one, i'd pick the olive branch. olive branches are a symbol of peace, of forgiving, of coming together--and i feel like that's what writing is, too. whether writing a letter to someone, writing a blog post or writing a note of apology, there are many ways to extend an olive branch, and i really think that writing is one of them--which is why i love this pencil; it's such a great literal and physical extension of that idea!

  15. congratulations on your 100th! i def love the shell because i am a beachy girl but the olive branch is a close second. Honestly because it reminds me of coral but also for what it represents. I am all about not holding grudges. Life is too short so olive branches all around I day. I love that these are pencils because they are so unique yet at the same time so basic. Back to when you were so excited about having you r#2 pencils for school and stuffed them into your pencil case and admired your collection. or was that just me?

  16. But how can you randomly pick a comment whose answer you like best? Isn't that self-contradictory?


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