.makes me smile

I love the work of artist Joan Snyder. It is simple, but compelling, and always makes me smile.

I hope you are doing something that makes you smile this weekend. Are you? like what?


  1. I'm happy to be spending our last weekend in our temporary relo apartment. We sign on our new house Monday afternoon and move in that evening.


  2. What a wonderful piece of art. Every time you look, there is something new to see.

    This weekend...two art fairs, good food, some housekeeping and a family visit. All in all, not bad.

  3. Love this! We have no huge plans for the weekend, which is OK! I sent you an e-mail. Have a great weekend, g.

  4. I am really rather picky when it comes to art...quite a lot of it leaves me a bit wanting, but I really like this....I said that I didn't like pink on my post today, but that was related to clothing. I like pink in other ways though, and this is really lovely...XXXX

  5. oh, i love this! it's so pretty and pink!

    i'm in a wedding this weekend and i can't wait. :)

    have a fantastic weekend! xoxo

  6. Joan Snyder makes me smile too! No big plans this weekend are welcomed and this makes me smile too!


  7. That picture is so lovely. Definitely made me smile. Thanks.

  8. yes this does make me smile. hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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