Turn sideways, please.

I have a thing for silhouettes. The talent it takes to create most is mind boggling to me, and the sentiment behind them is so beautiful. Have you ever seen one cut by someone who really knows what they are doing? It is almost eerie how quickly they can capture the person standing right next to you. How they can use a cut in a profile that shows they saw this person so well. I collect lockets and have one with a silhouette behind glass. It is gorgeous. Makes me wonder how it ever got out of that family.

What do you covet from afar?
(image 1 and 3 via Abigail Ahern)


  1. love your post, i too love silhouettes!! my mom used to do them when i was young and i got both my daughter and husband done!! thanks

  2. Marevlous post. I also like silouttes. I have a few but not the size of the collection you have. I like them for their clean lines and the spirit in the faces and figures. SEa Witch

  3. these are fab! ok i´m officially caught up. big hugs!

  4. I have to agree, beautiful. I've seen these done in progress by an expert and it is rather amazing.

  5. I love silhouette in photography.
    I just swoon every time I come across a dark profile in front of a beautiful landscape.

  6. I read that "I have a THONG for silhouettes." I covet big clean open spaces and the housekeeper that keeps them that way.

  7. silhouettes are lovely. you are so right.

    picture number two is the best. i am so snotty! that is the one that i like the best! :)

  8. Silhouettes are wonderful when done really well. These are beautiful pics.


    Ps Love the big ball of string too.

  9. they're a gorgeous form of portraiture. i once decided that i would collect them and have a whole wall. haven't got very far with that, but i still love them!

  10. Oh these are so pretty! Just love the silhouettes...and the pooch is pretty darn cute too. Yes, I'll take one, thank you!


  11. What a lovely post! I have 3 larger silhouettes (kids) that I had mounted on Hicks' wall paper. A different and lovely look, if I may say so (:

    But the second image sure makes me want a little collection....

    Always fun being here, my friend.

    I wish you a wonderful 4th of July weekend!


  12. i had profile portraits done like this of my boys when they were young and gave them to their grandparents. it really does look just like them, which is just amazing considering it is just an outline!
    ps. love your blog!


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