.what's in yours

This is exactly how it is for me. If I had room, I think there would be life evolving from my bag. I am awful about changing it, put everything I might anticipate wanting, not needing, in it, then never want to carry it inside a store and end up holding my keys and phone while it sits in the trunk and my debit card is in my jeans. Can never find a pen in there, and yet there are probably forty. Lots of lip gloss and pennies. Unraveling tampons. Books. Too many. Heavy. Loving the third image of the bottega bag. The price is close to one year of tuition at Carolina, but maybe if I grab all the penies from the bottom of mine.......

What's in yours? Do you change it with your shoe color? My sister does. She is appalled that I don't change mine daily to match shoe choices and moods. She just had her first baby this past weekend. Let's check back with her in a few months, shall we?

Do tell.


  1. I tend to be a purse aholic, or so I've been called. I carry the essentials and then some.

    My camera almost is always with me. Note pad of some sort. Mini make up bag. Lots of lip gloss ( not sure why I think I need that many shades at once).

  2. I have sooooo many handbags! Terrible. And I cycle through them - some bags, I'll use obsessively for months (at the cost of all others). And then I'll go through phases where I change every day or few days. The trick is to keep all your purse essentials in a few ditty bags - then you can just pitch them in the new purse without misplacing anything!

  3. I have four big everyday hobo type bags I switch out depending on outfit and season. I carry a wallet, two make-up bags (which actually hold very little make-up), an old-school day planner, two back-up diapers, baby wipes, and various and sundry typical purse things.

    I have a small collection of great evening clutches from my single girl days. I don't think I've carried a one since I got married.

  4. oh yeah, totally agree... let's check back with your sister in a few months... I love bags but I don't like to change everything every day. so what do I do? I use my latest acquisition for some time, until I get tired or fall in love with a new one...
    have a great weekend! xo

  5. HA! I fall squarely between you and your sister (have 3 children mind you). So badly want to be "that" girl with the bag to match, etc. So I end up with my hot mess of a bag innards half all over my car, and the other half in my bag du jour! Oh well.

  6. First, congrats to your sister! I have sisters and nieces who change their bags. My twin has amazing taste in bags, and probably spends a fortune and I kind-of wish I were her in the bag department. Up there, though, you are describing ME!! The card, keys, phone in the pocket while the overloaded bag is in the car. I think, until I had my child, I didn't even carry a bag. Then the diaper bag evolved into my big bag. I've been carrying the same one for (yikes) 18 months... so tired of it, so overdue.

  7. you crack me up. every new bag i get seems to be a little bit bigger than the last...

  8. I actually just downsized for the first time in what seems like a million years. Everyone is finally out of diapers, although the wipes
    are still indispensible. Other necessities: keys, overstuffed wallet, change doodad, sunglasses, another change doodad full of giftcards, lip gloss, lip balm, batteries(?), iPhone, keys. Boring. As for switching it up...too lazy. I wear it until I can stand it no longer.

    Damn, I used to be so much cooler.

  9. i'll take bag #3! and i'm sure i'd have to TAKE IT, as i could never afford it!

    i have way too much stuff in my bag. my sister is always mortified when she sees all the stuff in there. WHATEVER! i've got what i need, even if it takes me 10 minutes and a lot of cursing to find it!


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