So this is the new thing? The new must have color treatment? I am finally oh-so trendy as this is what my hair looks like when I delay going to the salon too long and my mom says I look all washed out. Not a compliment. Promise.

What do you think? And don't get all intoxicated with the faces because they DO NOT come with average hair.


  1. I gotta say it drives me nuts that everyone is "crazy about ombre hair" ...when really it's just grown-out roots. I mean, come on. Call it what it is. The whole "top knot" shit gets me too ...IT'S A BUN!!! lol

  2. Hysterical. I can't believe not doing your hair is a trend, an aspirational look we're being sold.

    Can growing out your blunt bangs be the next big trend? Because then I would be oh-so-stylish, too!

  3. Strange, isn't it. I pay through the nose to have my hair not look like this. Sigh, I was never one of the cool kids.

  4. like the second picture ... I think it's nice


  5. why does it so cool on a model and so terrible on me...

  6. Yeah, this look doesn't exactly work for me. Perhaps if I were yound and model-ish it would, but I'm a 30-something suburban mom, so, no. I just paid money to have my hair NOT look like that.
    Nice blog, btw, it's my first time here.


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