I'm a bit ruffled...

Loving this shirt by Marc Jacobs. Loving a lot of clothes this Fall. What are your favorites?


  1. Very pretty collar.
    A pair of straigh cropped black trousers and a leather jacket are on my list.

  2. Such a beautiful blouse, and a lovely photograph! I'm just so delighted to be reunited with my riding boots!

  3. Everything about that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. I am so not the fashionista, but I love Marc Jacobs. Always beautiful details. I have a pair of gorgeous boots on my wishlist and I am trying (weakly) to convince myself that I do not need them. I do. Need them.

  5. Well, I've done the same thing that I do every new season. I say that I don't like the style that is in fashion and, within weeks, I'm wearing it !!
    About a month ago I said that I didn't like ruffles and now, my wardrobe is full of them !!
    I'm just a slow started but, I can definitely say, without question, that I will NOT be wearing any animal print ! Watch this space !! XXXX

  6. oh yes, I'm in heaven with ruffles. love them. didn't get tired of them yet. I'm starting to like leopard print. but just a small dose. don't like to feel saturated. xo


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