color fear?

Love this image. And the quote seems true enough. I love color, and yet, at times, feel like I only use it in safe doses in my home. Lame. I was very brave(for me) and painted an entire room and entry hall in downpipe, a black/blue color. It is dramatic and warm at the same time. Have you painted a color you adore lately? If so, share, girl!

(image via Mary Ruffle)


  1. I play it safe with the colours are wear, except in the summertime when it seems more appropriate for me to wear lovely oranges and yellows. Love the gorgeous colours of these hydrangeas.

  2. Well, I'm hopeless....I wear black pretty well most of the time and paint walls off white !!!!
    But....I love colour when I see it in others homes ! I'm just not very brave I guess.
    One of my favourite interiors shop has painted one wall a black/bluish colour and covered it in pictures and it looks wonderful.I should really give it a go as it can always be painted again if neccessary !! XXXX

  3. It sounds like the hall is absolutely beautiful! In my last apartment we had a chocolate living room, a peacock dining room and a blackboard wall in our kitchen, so I'm full up on color these days!

  4. if it's the downpipe i'm thinking of, i want to use it in my bedroom. :) lovely image and quote!

  5. i would like to see a picture of that blue black color!!!! i bet it is fab!

    i rent and am not allowed to paint my walls. i am not sure how adventurous i would be with color. i might try something bold. i might. i have tried to be SLIGHTLY more adventurous in the colors that i wear, as wearing black as i get older isn't always the most flattering option. i find it is best to try and go with shades that flatter my skin tone the most. but i am babbling. sorry!!!


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