Ok, before many of you barf, let me explain. I make books for a living. And one of the reasons I make books is I like to keep tidbits from life that make sense only to me, and I want other people to have books that last a lifetime to do the same. A collection of moments. I love that thought. It would be poetic to tell you all that I have volumes of the leather bound books I produce and that they chronicle my life, but it would also be a big hairy lie. I do not make the time. I am hoping that I will. Because when I do make time, I love to tell myself my story again and every time I look at a finished page I sigh.
So, hey, if these are scraps from life and people call them scrapbooks....ok. They make me smile every time I turn the page.


  1. good for you! sounds like What I do in my journal.

  2. I think that's beautiful! I so wish I could.

  3. Hi G! Thank you so much for your comment on my recent post. :-)) I hope that you are doing well!

    Also, a BIG THANK YOU for reminding me to keep memories of life in a book. I've become to realize that I have the worst memory and need to start doing this.

    Your new designs on your site are exquisite.. I love the wedding set you did in the black & white.

    Big hugs and best wishes always!


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