Want. Badly.

Can one of you paint something like this for over my fireplace? Please. It would be perfect. Let me know.
(Found over at Nelya's)


  1. if we can get two at a discount, count me in...

  2. Did I tell you it's a Twombly? Definitely outta my price range. But a girl can dream. However, I might just have good news for you. There's a local painter here in Atlanta who is also a blogger and I am over the moon smitten with her work. In fact, I'm saving my pennies for one of her pieces. She has a slew of new work for sale, but I'm certain she also takes commissions. Check her out here:


    And her blog here:


    hugs to you, g.-nelya

  3. I dated a boy whose mother was an incredible artist-I should have picked up one of her pieces before we broke up!

  4. You can recreate it; just channel your Twombly, have a glass of red, and go for it!!

    x Deb

  5. This is really not hard to do. Grab some Michael's coupons from your Sunday paper and buy a canvas, an acrylic paint set, 3 different brushes and some white poster paper to practice on. Then go to it on the canvas! You CAN do this!!

  6. Love. And Nelya has great taste, as do you!


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