coming soon...

Hard to believe it, but Halloween is around the corner. Mine are too old to trick or treat(lump in my throat just saying it), but we go all out trying to scare the hell out of all of those who do. Not sure they are as into it anymore(another gulp), but I am looking for some white pumpkins this weekend to get started.

I hope your weekend is scary good!


  1. Hahaha, that sounds like so much fun! How can they not be into scaring other trick-or-treaters?! I can't wait for Halloween and fall too!

  2. I'm so excited for Halloween; I've got my costume ready to go! Forget the fact that I have no idea what we'll be doing-I can't wait!

  3. Holy heck, how is that even possible when it's still in the mid-nineties here this weekend. But alas, the pumpkins are popping up everywhere and oh how I do love fall.

    Hahahaaaa- my w/v= "humid." Damn skippy.

  4. That is one gorgeous image......good luck on your pumpkin hunt !! XXXX

  5. Doing the whole scary thing over here! 3 kids and a cat will all need to be dressed up.

    Love this time of the year!

    Hope all is well. Miss you!

    Ox, Mon

  6. have i ever seen white pumpkins? i think not! they are rather LOVELY!


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