24 hours

Yesterday if you had said red skinny jeans I would have said I doubt it. Today after seeing this, not so much. Oh, the difference a day makes.

(image via zara)


  1. Ha ha , how true. I often say how much I dislike a fashion trend, only to find that, after a month or so,I'm wearing it !!
    I guess we are all the same. XXXX

  2. I am the same way. Someone will suggest something and I think...."I can't pull that off". Then I go try it on and end up wearing it all the time....go figure!

    I love the idea of red jeans....but I am sure I can't pull them off ;)

  3. Paired with that gorgeous camel coat-be still my heart!

  4. it looks fab! i think i'd be chicken to wear it. maybe? now i am going to agonize over this!

  5. You could soooo pull those off, hot mama.


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