.and I will look this cool when I say it.

Quite some time ago, I wrote a post about the interesting word verification system. I was new to blogging and found many computer generated words amusing. And while the novelty quickly wore off and became more of an annoyance, there are still a few instances that seem spot on for the day I am having. Like today.

Living with too many teenagers can be described with many adjectives, and amusing would be one. But the one that best describes a Summer with them is annoying. Not them being annoying, you see, but them being with US, the parents. I am one of the most annoying human beings on earth. Saying good morning to them can bring such an angry glare it is hard to describe. You can only imagine what "How was the movie?" might warrant. Those of you that have some, or even one, know what I mean. Now, to be fair, just as quickly as the "you are a moron glare" comes, is how fast a random hug, smile, or an actual compliment may come your way from these moody beasts. DO NOT BE FOOLED! It is a trap. As soon as you smile in return, you've set up a shark-near-blood scenario and you will pay. You think you will eventually learn this, but you do not. I do not have an answer as to why.

So back to the word verif. My youngest has decided that the overly used "probs" is her new favorite word. It is hard to relate because they sound, well, like idiots. Want some cereal, sweet? Probs? Are you going to shower later? Probs? Are you going to force this word forever? Probs. She told the pediatrician that her migraines are "probs" worse during volleyball practice. He looked very confused( he is about 89) and I am told later I smirked, which was a no-no ( annoying and not cool), but my defense was she sounded like a dork. She said that advice coming from someone who used the word dork was quite a stretch. Maybe.
But I may have found a new word thanks to the word verif system and it is being debuted here. You see. Blogging is NEVER a waste of one's time

Indif. When this was my word verif today on Liza's blog it practically jumped off the page. What do you think? I am going to use it this morning as soon as one of them asks me which bathing suit they should wear to the pool, only to look at me with disgust when I somehow pick the wrong one. Instead of choosing, I am gong to say, "I'm indif. They are both great." I know the response will be the stare, but I don't care because while I will be "so annoying", more importantly, I will be amused. As my 14 year old probs doesn't know the word indifference, she will be stumped, but act cool, giving me a quiet sense of satisfaction, which is what I go for these days. It is a big part of the puzzle in keeping my sanity. Staying amused, and quietly letting them know I still know a thing or two more than they do. These are tough times(screw the economy, live with four teens for a week and then talk to me about depression), but they too shall pass. Every so often when stumped, they look a little child like and I can see them again, and it is a quiet sense of relief. They are still in there. Though it is impossible to believe, I will one day ache for this stage like I do for the rest of the stages that have gone by so quickly. Well, this stage may be a stretch, but you get the point. And even though they seem like another life form, we are not really all that different. I mean, let's be honest. "Probs" probably came from a mom who was too exhausted from the mental warfare to finish the word.

We'll see how it goes. But in my mind, I will look like this when I am saying it.



  1. Indif. I'm going to use that word all day, even if it's not relevant.

    Urgh, teenagers. Makes me cringe to think of the way I behaved. What a bitch. The only thing, however, I remember saying that caused some rage was "Search me," with a indif shrug of the shoulders. I said it one too many times and my mother lost it. Never to be said again...

  2. I am three years away from my oldest entering the teen years, and already seeing shades of what is to come...ie eyeball rolls and muttering as she walks away! 4 teenagers! yikes! I give you "mad props!" ;)

  3. LOVE this post!!! I don't have kids of my own yet but this cracked me up! You just fix a cocktail, tell them to STFU and that you are headed to the mall! TTFN!
    PS-"Care" is the new one. It is mean. Someone wrote it on my facebook..it means, I really don't care..

  4. I love you. You are hilarious. I want more posts like these, although you probs don't have the time. BTW I HATE probs. (I also hate BTW) You just made me laugh and cry and nod in acknowledgement and empathy. The oldest is about to turn 11 and I see all of this on the horizon. Signs of idiocy are definitely afoot.

    You are such a great mom! Have a wonderful weekend Gillian!!!


  5. Can I use your word too?

    This was so well told that it took me straight back to MY youth-- I'm sure I was such a bitch to my folks filled with eye-rolling, the silent treatment and the likes when I was a teenager. I don't know how they lived to tell the story after raising 5 kids.

    I hope summer passes with the start of school just around the corner for you.

    And the "Snap." at the end of your post-- I snorted soda up my nose laughing :-) You go girl.

    xo jj

  6. i use probs all the time. but i am well aware of it's lameness. this is of course why i say it.
    unlike most people i aspire to lame. the lamer the better.
    am totes adding indif to the lame lineup.
    excellent post. i shudder to think of the teenage years.

  7. Jen-You probs pull it off really well. Not surprised. xoxoxoxoxox

  8. I love this!! And I'm glad I could play some small part in indif because I love it, too. I have to admit, I'd never heard probs before, but I'm annoyed already. We've just started with "like" here... kindergarten starts next week and we're hearing like. Yikes.
    I'm so happy to come here and laugh and smile - you've helped to make my day, G.! Have a good Sunday.

  9. haha...I might have to use this word too!
    My sister has teenagers, she is finding more lines in her face now!


  10. oh my! my eldest is 10 and I'm so scared... I know, I never should admit it! but oh my! hope I can take is as humorously as you do! xo


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