.i sort of love this

I really do. Check it and out and tell me what you are reading this weekend. I am reading Amateur Barbarians by Robert Cohen. Really good. And my Elle Decor. Yes, I know those of you that bought it off the news stand have had it for weeks, mine came yesterday. What is up with that? Never used to be that way. Do you think it is the blogging that makes them feel they have to get it out there weeks sooner?


  1. reading dear fatty. dawn french's biography. she's one of my heroes.

    i just got elle decor the other day off the newsstand.

  2. I'm afraid that that is all our old telephone boxes are ay use for now !! It's a shame really.
    I was about to come and comment on your style or vile but, you had put another post up ! Sorry....I think it's vile. I wouldn't be able to see the person sitting opposite me and, they would probably say that they would move it for dinner parties but then why have it there in the first place ? Too big and ugly for me !!!! XXXX

  3. Never even heard of Dawn French. Excited.

  4. I've got three to finish up and a stackful awaiting my summer reading free time. At the top of my list is "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie," by Alan Bradley. A little mystery. But tell me, why is it that I think I'll have more time once the kids are out of school. Haven't I learned by now. Sheesh.

    Love the books in a telephone booth idea. Heck, I'd put it in my house. And no Elle Decor or HB for me yet. What the hell?!? I saw them at the grocery store yesterday, which really pisses me off. You'd think that they would prioritize customers who have been subscribers for a decade+. This really irks me.

    Have a suer duper weekend, Sweets!

  5. Nelya-Same! Makes me crazy. Along with the savings, that used to be the best part of being a subscriber is that you got it first!

  6. i've had Elle Decor delivery issues too...actually with all of my magazines. they come so much later than those on the newsstand...i guess they want you to buy it & then get it in the mail too. but i LOVE Elle Decor!!
    xox alison

  7. Thanks for stopping by. I'm keeping up with cha now.

  8. I was re-reading Rousseau. What is up with late subscriptions? I receive my New Yorker a week late, always. Good thing I'm so far from the city because I would miss all the events that are listed. Enjoy your week!


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