. i got lucky this weekend...

I did. I can't put it into words. No really, I can't, or all the x-box takeaways for the word shit and the "do you know what a boy thinks when you wear a skirt like that" moments are over for me" FOREVER, should a child I raise read a morsel of the chat between my new friends and I. Especially Susie...

That being said, I can share a few things that will help you get to know each of these delicious bloggers a bit better.

If you ever take two parking spots with your one car, it would be best if Jenny were not a witness. You may receive a note on your windshield. This, too, is something you would rather your kids not see.

Raina has additional talents you may not be able to discern from her blog. Not sure. Look closely.

Ally could fit in my purse. Even with all of the other crap that is in there she would get lost on the bottom.

No need to scan Craig's List for amazing pieces. Susie has them ALL in three rooms. Especially if you need 30 or 40 lamps and can fit through small spaces.

Nelya has been eating Nutella for thirty four years. It may have been her first word. And we may all make a run at her husband, Max. Raina would win.

And I, well, I never thought I would be putting these words on paper either, but I had a farmer's daughter and it was so good.

I did get lucky. I got to hang with a group of girls that surpassed my expectations. You are all now on my free pass five, as Dermott is hanging by a thread.

Thanks, Jen.



  1. been following along with Raina. looks like a wonderful time...what a group!

  2. You're hilarious! And beautiful! And it's a pleasure to be in your company! And really, all of that is an understatement because I truly have no words to describe just how amazing it was to meet you! And no, it's not because my mouth is full of nutella. At least not at the moment. ;0)

  3. Can you just turn right around and drive back because really, that was far too short a visit. We need to drink more beer and eat more burnt marshmallows! Okay, so come back soon! xoxo, Ally

  4. what nelya and ally said. i feel you are all my family now. sad face.

  5. Yes, yes. I ditto Nelya, Ally and Jenny. Gillian thank you for driving from NC and making our outings complete! When can you jump in your car and head this way again? Scott's is this weekend...

  6. girl, it sounds like you had the time of your life! lucky lucky you, and i bet they are as impressed with you as you are with them!

  7. I am so sad. I miss you all crazeballs. I really do.

  8. g.
    you are having too much fun! good good girl:)

  9. Sounds like you all had an amazing time! Love your blog - found it via MFAMB. xo


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