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So I thought I would start this post with a design related image as you may be getting sick of Lovefest 2010(t-shirts being printed as we speak), but one thing that was spawned from this event is a potential new love for liquor. Surprising, maybe not to you, but I am a big beer fan, have been a great member of the beer the month club, and don't really drink much besides a cold brew. This may have changed.

We went to this amazing place for dinner, see here, and the drink menu was extra cool, which I would not have know unless I tasted everyone's different choices at the table. Yay. BFF's. Ok, sorry. Anyway, I ended up copying Jenny and Nelya and ordering a drink called the farmer's daughter. It is outlined in the photo above(sitting Raina, Jenny, Nelya, top Susie and me). It had some ginger, cucumber, vodka, I think, whatever, it was amazing. I am now convinced that the rest of you know of other must try cocktails and I want to drink them. Today.

Do you? Would you like to share your favorite? I would love to hear. The sooner the better.


  1. i have been dreaming of that damn drink since saturday and am sads that i died for a minute and couldn't enjoy my second one.
    mike and i are going saturday night, just for the drink before our cheap dinner at rosa mexicana (reprezent RHOA!!!!).

  2. I'm a sissy wine drinker... But your farmers daughter and that blackberry concoction may have converted me. Mmmm...

  3. Oh, that farmer's daughter sounds SO good. I could have used one of those Saturday night, too. Yum.

  4. Wow looks like fun. And I love the top pic too. looks very cool. Carla x

  5. Aw, man, more fun I missed out on. *whine* Anytime you want to share a cocktail (or two), you know where to find me. ;)

  6. That drink was the best alcoholic concoction I have ever imbibed. I think I am going to convince the mister that we need to go this weekend so I can have another. You know, mother's day and all, he'll have to comply. Mmmm, I'm drooling just thinking about it.

    But since you asked, here's one that my friends call "the nelya" that I love to make in the summertime. My own creation, so forgive the imprecise measurements. Six ingredients:

    1.a really good pint of lemon sorbet
    2.a couple of limes, freshly squeezed
    3.a big handful of fresh mint
    4.a few glugs of sparkling mineral water
    5.a cup or two of ice

    Pulse all of the above in a mixer until you get a slushy consistency. I like a lot of mint for a fresh minty taste. Now for the good stuff- Malibu coconut rum, to taste. Or vodka or whatever alcohol you prefer. But save some non-alcoholic for the kids. Mine love it.

  7. Mojitos at some hole-in-the-wall in DC that I can't even remember the name of anymore. Best. Ever.

  8. That sound awfully delish! I'm a bellini kinda girl!


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