.i am a tv star....well, sort of...

I was in NY last week and was a guest on the Martha Stewart Show. I know, crazy, right? I have been working with the staff for a few months in preparation for this exciting event and I have to tell you, it was really cool. We made a desk blotter as it's a product of mine that she really likes, and she has many of mine for her home. I don't want to bore you with all the nitty gritty details of my week, but thought I would share a few.

1. Martha Stewart is hot. I am not kidding. Standing a foot away from her, you cannot believe how beautiful she is.

2. The craft room at her studio is truly insane. I wanted to roll up and down each aisle. I worked with her staff for hours the day before the show and I felt like I might implode. Every tool, material, color, I cannot even tell you. A DREAM. I wanted to run up and down the aisles while my patient husband(who sat there and watched us for four hours) opened a bag and suggest we just start throwing things in. That, unfortunately, did not happen, but a girl can dream.

3. I had my own private dressing room with Belgian doughnuts. I therefore had to have my makeup re-applied. Twice.

4. Speaking of makeup, I had more makeup on my face than I have ever even seen in my life. I thought about carving a message on my cheek to my kids.

5. The other guest was movie star Amanda Seyfried. At first I was like great, just my luck being on the show with a 20 year old starlet, but then she said the word crap on air and Martha told her not to say that word. I behaved and have been asked back. See(four children read here): a potty mouth is never a good thing...unless you are in Atlanta for the weekend.

6. My sister, also named Amanda, was begging me to figure out a way to get her out of the audience and onto the stage. That did not happen, either.

7. When reading all of the Martha magazines I stole from my dressing room this weekend, it felt surreal to know Martha and I had been chatting just days before about our crafts.

8. Live tv moves really fast. They play funky music during the commercial breaks and people dance. Just when you feel you might dance too, they say in 5-4-3-2....and you nearly faint.

9. It was an amazing experience, and her staff is full of talented, wonderful people that I will enjoy staying in touch with. Even though they did not take me bowling. But that is another story...

More info to come about some other cool things in NY.


  1. wow such a great experience! congrats darling! have a wonderful week! xo

  2. So much fun to read your behind-the-scenes experience. Congratulations. Your work is gorgeous.

  3. 1. There's nothing "sort of" about it. You are a tv star and had it in you all along!

    2. What I can take away from this: I will never be a guest on The Martha Show, you know, potty words and all.

    3. When are you shooting your own pilot?

    4. Promise you will post a link when your segment is up and airs again. PROMISE!

    Congratulations Gillian!!!!

  4. Here's the link:


    G-Dawg, you were GREAT! And who knew Martha was so tall?

  5. Raina-I am so non techno it is truly a joke. Where did you find this? I have to look.

  6. Oh my goodness, how exciting for you. You must have had such a great time. I love the part about your sister wanting to get in on the act and the 20 year old starlet swearing !! haha.
    I am a bit worried because, now that your famous you might just forget us little guys !!
    It was great to hear about your time on T..V. with Martha. XXXX

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Adore Her & you !! Congrats!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

  8. You are a STAR! WOW G!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And the business to follow!! Thanks for the showdown on it all:) Let us know when it will air for sure.

  9. I'm so happy for you!!!
    admire her as well, even had dreams of meeting her! Congrats darling!

  10. DUDE!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! i mean, COME ON! how many people get to go on martha stewart! she must LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! so rad!

    p.s. and me and my potty mouth would never make it with martha!

  11. Thanks, Raina, for the link...G, you are adorable....so impressed! congratulations!

  12. Hey G! You are a rockstar! Love it... thanks for the flattering blog comments : ) Can't wait to work with ya! xxj

  13. Oh! My! Gawd!!!! That is so cool. How do we find the show so we can see you??????


  14. g-You guys are all so nice. It was really a good time.

  15. so cooool! you rock sister! p.s. a big hug hello!

  16. Yeahh!!!!! How fun!!!! (Can I add any more exclamation marks???!!) Congratulations! I will check out the link for sure!

    What's next after this? Your own show?


    Ox, Mon

  17. Whaaaaaaaaaat?! And you kept it a secret all this time?! Oh my God, congratulations! I'm off to go watch the video now. I could not be happier for you!!!

  18. g-you guys are making me blush. But seriously, do I sound that Southern in person? I cannot believe it. I feel like I sounded like Dolly Parton.

  19. This way cool. And your post is hillarious. Congrats. Now, off to ck raina's tiny url. eeeek, that didn't sound right.

  20. tears of joy...
    you were fab! thanks raina for posting the link!!
    you were so natural and relaxed and wonderful!!!

    i hope people buy your shit!!! so you can make lots of money and come back to atlanta to see us!!

  21. you are my star & a lucky girl =) want to hear more about it and i want to see more pictures...

    i hope you will show me/us your collection of numbers & letters!

    have a nice day great tv star...

  22. this is the funniest post!! Congratulations!! It really sounds like a dream...was it?? hillarious about the "crap" story. too funny. you are sooo lucky!!


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