.gourmet is alive...just different!

The scene is familiar. It could be "anyplace" USA, but it is at my house.....again. Six people enter a car, two humans, four teenagers, in a quest for dinner out. I am thrilled. The rest, not so much. I drive, possibly gaining an extra ounce of control within the group. I look around, hardly able to contain the large, giddy smile on my face. Whetting my palate, and realizing no matter where we go there will not be 4,994 dishes when I finish, my smile expands. I suggest Chinese, something I don't cook often at home, something for everyone. I think. The whining is almost immediate. "I don't want to go there! It's so crowded. I hate it. We went there just last week." Deep breathe, I remind myself as I attempt to calm my husband after his outbreak. I hesitantly turn around and ask for suggestions from four people for whom debate and general disdain could be an Olympic sport. As the screaming and arguing ensue, I must have become dizzy, because I throw out my weakest and least effective threat-WE ARE GOING HOME AND YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN DINNER. They are thrilled. "Three cans of beefaroni and a coke is the dinner of champions" claims my 15 year old son. The girls will scarf down a bowl of cereal and have more time on facebook before computer curfew. Life is good.

That's part of the problem. When I was a kid, going out was something that happened when dad got a bonus...and it was to Long John Silver. I squealed in delight the day before and actually brushed my teeth to go. No complaints. The excitement of going out anywhere lasted long after, and mom glowed because, as I now know, the reward was truly all hers. Now going out to dinner is more commonplace and not such a luxury.

I cook and I really enjoy it. I prefer, most nights, to eat at home. And though we eat most meals as a family, feeding people with different schedules and taste buds can be a challenge. I KNOW it can be done, and believe me, I have used the line thisiswhatwearehaving a thousand times after seeing eyes roll because chicken was coming to the table. But I am bored, too. Don't want to go out, to expensive and a hassle, and bored with what I am making staying in, too. I need some new recipes, that are relatively fast, and send new life into my kitchen. Do you? Awesome. I knew it!

Gourmet is back ladies, it is just being published by us! What if we all sign up and offer a spiffy recipe that will thrill and excite those who have never seen it? Simple and tasty, but new, and most important, recipes tried and true by normal people. While I do love cooking mags, it is mostly the pictures as my heart often sinks by the fourth ingredient. I find my favorite recipes are from family and friends. And while I love the thought of mastering the art of french cooking, I would just as soon master the art of cooking itself. Also, with people literally around the globe in the blogsphere, how cool to share?

Are you in? Don't be shy. It is not like we will blame you if it stinks. But we will love you if it keeps people at the table with a smile. I think I will start next week with a 10 minute recipe I make that is shockingly easy and good. I am only giving it to you because you do not live in my zip code. Truly.

Does this idea whet your appetite? Questions? Email me to sign up and I will post the recipes weekly, monthly, whatever. We will play it by ear. It'll be fun. Stop whining.

(image via Sunday Suppers)


  1. oh I feel I empathize so much with you in that scene! last night we were talking about the same with my hub and friends. are we spoiling our kids? giving them too many options? xo

  2. Fantastic idea darling!
    You got my appetite wet...
    but can't promise that I won't whine as usual!
    ps: what ever happened to Long John Silver? There's none in my zipcode now...
    ~Have a delicious week!

  3. Wow! Two takers already! One more and we have a month! Come on, ladies. Let's go!

  4. I love this idea! I am currently doing this 'recipe club' with Raising Foodies. Post a new recipe every Monday! Cannot wait to see all the new ideas and tasty delights....

  5. What a good idea, and I'm very amused by your family vignette! Do they read this blog...?

  6. I totally love this idea...can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. That would be fun. Maybe it would inspire me to cook. Ah ha

  8. oh how i love food! and trying new recipes, particularly ones that are tried and true!

    SADLY i weighed myself this weekend and i was AGHAST. so i am going with mostly HEALTHY food lately: fruits, veggies, brown rice, egg whites. BUT, i would love to see some healthy recipes. or unhealthy recipes!

  9. i am with drollgirl, I would love to see some healthier recipes that are still delish. I am learning how to cook and for most of my life have been uninspired in the kitchen, so popping over here would be a delight. can't wait!

  10. You go girl! I think it's a fantastic idea. I don't currently cook, but when I began again, I'll sign up - that's recession can-do spirit :)

  11. Littest g.
    Sounds all too familiar~ Sometimes home is the best place to be today. I like you, got to go out for special days, today staying home is the special days~
    Great post my friend~

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  13. I seriously am an awful cook. I need to follow a recipe word for word. So, I'm whining, and you WILL blame me if it stinks! But don't count me out totally...let me think about it for a minute!

  14. great idea. and exactly what i need. i feel like i´ve lost my cooking mojo- i swear i cook the same thing every day... help...

  15. Liza-Your minute is UP!!!!!!!! Find something delish and get cracking.

  16. Sanity Fair-How cool! Thanks! I will get right on it.

  17. Ooooh I am in! I love recipes. I would love to submit a recipe! And I can't wait to see all the others!

  18. Familiar scene...um, yeah, that's an understatement! Did you say this was a page out of your life or mine?????? I loved everything
    about this post, g. Hilarious, all the more so because it was sooo true. Right down to the Long John Silver's! Seriously, do they still have those? Nothing better then those crunchy little fried bits of batter. :0). That's gross, isn't it?

    Okay, so I'm no gourmet chef, but count me in. I could sure use the inspiration and the motivation. Oh, and if you are ever in
    my city, call me up...we are so going to pay our friend Long John a visit! You game?

  19. NKP-YES!!!!!!!!! So glad you are in and I am planning a trip to HOTLANTA this Fall. Long John's-here we come!!!


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