I have always had a thing with a tatoo. I don't have any, but I am so tempted, just can never get the idea quite where I want it. I love this first image that my friend Mara Zepeda(amazing calligrapher)designed for the customer to turn into a tatoo. Really got me going. I am more interested, personally, in a smaller one that means something to just me. I love these hand designs as well. I have heard they are extremely painful. You? Have any? Want some.

Do tell.


  1. I have one small tattoo in a discreet location-even at 16, I was thinking about having to cover that sucker up in wedding photos! They feel more like a cat scratch with lots of residual buzzing-all in all, not too bad!

  2. ..feels like getting drawn-on with a very very sharrpp pen...! A bad sunburn hurts worse, I think. I've been tattooed a lot! & highly recommend it!


Yes, yes, tell me!