.shelf envy

I am having an inner dispute(as I am the only person in my home who cares) as to whether to paint the shelves on my kitchen wall the same color as the wall of different. My walls are horizon by BM. I like the idea of the edge a different color....maybe......

Hmmmmmm.....any thoughts?


  1. I kind of love the different colored edge - it would also be a lot easier than painting the whole shelf. :) I swear I was just thinking about you today so I was happy to see you had stopped by. Miss you, G! xo

  2. Wow, can you make them look just like that? So pretty. Thank you for your sweet comment this morning, Gillian - you made my day :) -Liza

  3. blink.

    i would agonize about this for months.

    you don't even want to know how many years i agonized before i finally bought the sofa that i have. sigh.

  4. Hard to imagine without seeing yours, but I really like the idea of a contrasting color on the outer edge. Perhaps a house tour post is in order???


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